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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do You Want to Live in a Nursing Home Someday??

Nursing homes can be a really tough and sore subject for people these days, especially the elderly!

I recently experienced this conflict with my grandparents. My grandparents have always fought the thought of moving into a nursing home. They are in their 80's and live half the year in Wisconsin and make the trip every year for half the year in Florida where they play cards with their friends until the wee hours of the morning! They are so independent and have always balked at the idea of moving to a nursing home.

Here is my grandpa with my son when we were visiting my grandma at the hospital

Sadly, a couple weeks ago my grandma had a heart attack/kidney failure/pneumonia and had to go to the hospital and be in intensive care for a week. She is a feisty one and has fought her way the doctors, nurses, and her own body to fight back to health, even when the doctors thought she wouldn't make it!

Unfortunately, now that she is recovering, she has had to move to the "nursing home" unit of the hospital and will soon move to an actual off campus nursing home with my grandpa. It is hard, especially knowing how much she has not wanted to go all these years. However, I think once they are there, I think they will like it more than they think they would. They won't have to worry about each other getting sick or hurt without help, they won't have to cook (since my grandma is blind and my grandpa has no teeth!), they will have lots of other people to play cards/games with every night, and most importantly they will still be together.

Do you want to live in a Nursing Home Someday?? 
Do you have grandparents or parents in nursing homes or do you care for the elderly in your life? 

This is my husband's grandma (with my son) who recently passed away after many years of family taking care of her at home. She was blessed to finish out her life at home!

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Amy (ArtsyBookishGal) said...

We moved my grandparents to assisted living when they were unable to care for themselves anymore and it was a great decision. While it didn't make them the happiest people on earth, it is a great option for a lot of elderly people. I think families need to look at different facilities, talk to residents, and friends to find the best fit for their loved ones. Best wishes for your grandparents. :)