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Friday, July 15, 2011

Why I Choose To Feed My Family Natural Beef

If you haven't heard or tried natural beef, I really recommend you do!

Beef these days are just not raised and fed the way they were 20 years ago! This is one of the reasons why I choose to feed my family natural beef! Ranchers are all about making the most money as quickly as possible these days, even if that means putting the consumers health at risk!

Another reason I feed my family natural beef is because it is better for the environment! Most cattle farms today raise HUGE numbers of cattle and confine them in small stalls all together. It is actually very gross when you think about it because it produces large amounts of waste that then causes major pollution contributing antibiotics, bacteria, and nitrogen into the air and groundwater!!! Natural cattle ranchers care more for their cattle and the environment and own more modest amounts of cattle so that this doesn't happen. (Plus, natural beef don't excrete waste with antibitiotics and pesticides as you will read below.)

The BIGGEST reason I choose natural beef for my family is for the quality and taste of natural beef! It really tastes SO MUCH better and is SO MUCH BETTER for you!

Most natural ranchers feed their cattle an all-vegetarian diet, which is what they are supposed to naturally eat - they are herbivores! Most conventional ranches these days feed their cattle animal products so that they will grow faster and reach market weight more quickly. The animal meat that they are fed contain diseases and infection that the cows can't deal with and they get sick.  The conventional beef farmers in turn respond to this problem by adding antibiotics and hormones to the animal feeds to keep their cattle healthy. These antibiotics and hormones then go into our bodies when we eat them!!! These create their own problems all on their own!

The absence of added antibiotics and hormones in natural cattle is largely responsible for the superior flavor and texture of natural beef and significantly contributes to the health of both the cattle and humans, which gives me my reasons for CHOOSING NATURAL BEEF!

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