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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Distance Learning for Active Military from Martinsburg Institute

This post brought to you by Martinsburg Institute. All opinions are 100% mine.


Are you currently serving in the Military? Do you know someone who is? Are they having trouble figuring out where to go for school or how to get an education?  Well, then make sure to read this post and learn about Martinsburg Institute. Their distance training allows you to train anytime, anywhere!

Martinsburg Institute is listed on the DANTES website and has successfully provided training to military personnel worldwide since 2004. It is awesome because it provides a number of unique programs geared towards any specific needs. They have had many happy customers - many military families report that the unique, ongoing support helped them to reach their goals!

Another great reason to consider Martinsburg Institute is that you can take all your training from any location (Stateside, Deployed, Nationally or Internationally) and you can begin and complete your training from anywhere. In addition, training can be done with our without internet access and there are many Certificate or Degree programs available. They make it so easy - training is loaded on a laptop computer allowing you complete flexiblity to train anytime, anywhere!

My favorite part about Martinsburg Institute is that they have a great range of degree and programs available! I was really intrigued by the Medical Administration Certificate and the Integrated Techologies degree! They both sound like they would be great careers in this highly medical and technological world we live in!

I have many friends and some family in the military and I am going to be sure to mention Martinsburg Institute to them! It sounds like such a great idea for someone who is deployed or doesn't have internet access! They can easily get a degree with help from Martinsburg Institute!

For more information and help with getting started contact Michael Johnson at 504.756.7676 or go to www.martinsburgmilitary.org.

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