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Monday, August 15, 2011

Rockin' Green Funk Rock Review

I recently talked about Ju-Ju Monkey and their great Blueberry Trainers (see my review here).

I am so excited to talk about another item I received from Ju-Ju Monkey - Rockin' Green Funk Rock!

Do you have the funk? Stinkies? Ammonia problems? Diapers that make your eyes water? Have you considered a kryptonite lined diaper pail to contain the smell of your dirty diapers? Did fluffy or fido have an accident on your bunny slippers? Dealing with the dreaded toddler pee? You need funk rock! This 100% natural compound is unlike anything you have tried before. It targets funk at the source and leaves no prisoners. Just 4 tablespoons is enough to de-funk up to 20 diapers in one sitting. A little to your pre-wash to keep the stinkies from coming back. That’s right, this 16 ounce bag will keep the diaper funk away for over two months! Phosphate Free – Enzyme Free – SLS Free

My Opinion
Now I definitely knew I needed some help getting the smell and ammonia out of my son's cloth diapers because I fit the exact description above!

My cloth diapers smelled so bad, they definitely made my eyes water (with or without pee in them!), they smelled so bad if I let them sit even a day in my wet bag, and nothing I washed them in would get the smell out! Plus, my son was getting ammonia burns when I put him in cloth overnight.

I knew I needed to try Funk Rock from Rockin' Green! It was my last hope for using my current diapers!

Well, I am sad to say, I am still searching for a fix for my ammonia problems! I followed the directions exactly (and I actually did them twice!) but still my son can not wear his cloth diapers overnight because the ammonia in the diapers still burn him! No matter how much I want to use cloth diapers, I can't handle the pain and redness and swelling my son has to endure every time I put his cloth diapers on him!

I will say that I can use the cloth diapers at nap time when he is in them a shorter time. And I will admit I think the ammonia went away a little. But my goal was to have them back to "next to new" so that he could wear them overnight without pain and ammonia burns! Funk Rock did not do this for me.

I still continue to use it in my pre-rinse routine for the diapers because I don't think it is hurting...but I really, really, really WISH it would have worked completely to take away the ammonia - I had such HIGH hopes...:(

I am hoping that there are others that can say Funk Rock definitely worked for them. I think maybe it would work for people that don't have quite the ammonia build-up that our diapers have...and maybe it works great to prevent build up too!

Have you tried Rockin' Green Funk Rock and did it work for you??!!

Buy It: You can purchase Rockin' Green Funk Rock for $14.95 on the Ju-Ju Monkey website.

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* Thank you to Ju-Ju Monkey  for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


royalegacy said...

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Melanie said...

I was able to get the Funk Rock to take our stink out, if we used it continuously. Unfortunately, my daughter is allergic to Rockin Green products. She gets a horrible rash and I initially thought it was contributed from the ammonia until I switched soaps.

It makes me so sad. I have tried everything else!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

I love funk rock!!!!

Minta's Creations said...

I'm following you from Monday Monkey blog hop..would love a follow back.

The Slacker Mom said...

Jumping over from the Alexa hop. I have had the worst luck with Rockin' Green (and Charlie's and basically every soap geared towards diapers) I am in the process of stripping and getting back to Biokleen.

Mare said...

Hi, new follower from Making Friends Monday!

Liz said...

Hello! Here from the Alexa Hop! (:

Kristin said...

I haven't tried it but I have heard good things so I was surprised it didn't work for you. I use country save detergent and a little biokleen bac out stain and odor remover in the prewash and it works pretty well. I do strip with a little dawn once a month or so.