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Friday, August 26, 2011

Scotch Restickables Review

I have a perfect item to introduce to you that is perfect for back-to-school: New Scotch Restickable Tabs, Strips and Colored Shapes.

During the school year, we hang up carpool schedules and A+ artwork at home, and kids want to hang photos of their friends in their locker or on bedroom and dorm room walls. But, magnets won't stick on stainless steel fridges, and pushpins, tacks and putty can leave holes or messy adhesive on the wall.

Scotch Restickable Tabs, Strips and Colored Shapes offer the convenience of those other hanging options without leaving any marks or holes, and they're reusable up to 10 times--just wash with soapy water when they begin to lose stickiness.

Double-sided adhesive removes cleanly from surfaces. They work on most flat surfaces, including stainless steel, plastic, concrete, glass, wood and painted walls. The clear strips and tabs are great for hanging and securing items for a hidden, polished look, while the colored shapes – including stars, hearts and circles in pink, orange and blue– are great for kids, teens, college students, and moms looking to personalize their space.
My Opinion
I think the Scotch Restickables are an absolutely BRILLIANT idea! I love to hang up pictures, my son's artwork and pictures of family and friends on the fridge.

These restickables are so perfect for that because they leave no residue and can be reused! I hate when I take a picture off the wall and find residue or paint chips from where the picture was hung!

Now I never have to worry about that again! Plus, the Restickable Colored Shapes are fun and colorful so your kids will love using them too instead of wasting tape hanging everything in their room, dorm room or locker!

I recommend the Scotch Restickables for all people! If you like to hang anything, whether it is pictures, artwork, or to-do notes, then you want to have Restickables on hand! These are especially perfect for college students because most dorms don't allow using nails, tacks, or anything that will leave residue! Scotch Restickables would make a great "going-away present"!

Buy It: You can purchase Scotch Restickables for $2.99-3.99 and are available at Mass merchandisers, office superstores, drug, grocery and craft stores and online.

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* Thank you to Scotch for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


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