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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aussan Natural Review and Giveaway

Aussan Natural™, an all-natural retail line of safe, scientifically-tested, cleaning and odor eliminating products made completely from plant-based materials and unlike anything on the market today. Most of the products in the store just mask odors- they don’t get rid of the odor. And there are so many claims out there of ‘natural’ products that are nowhere near close to being completely natural. Aren’t we tired of cleaning with chemicals?

Did you know… “Every 7 minutes a child in America is taken to an emergency room for poisoning from household cleaning products?” –American Association of Poison Control Centers “200- that’s the average number of chemicals and pollutants found in a newborn’s cord blood” –Environmental Working Group

In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, “toxic chemicals found in common household cleaners, often dispersed in fumes, are three times more likely to cause cancer than other air pollutants.”

Aussan is all-natural, non-toxic and features 19 individual products that cover six retail segments, including Home, Baby, Pet, Sport, Marine and Auto and is available at. This unique retail line appeals to the millions of consumers who are searching for the safest possible alternative to chemical cleaning products.

My Opinion
In my house, I make it a priority to use only safe and natural products for cleaning. It is so important for my family's health - my husband fights asthma and allergies and my son has seasonal allergies and very sensitive skin.

So I was quite excited to add Aussan Natural products into my collection of safe and natural cleaning products!

I received two great products from Aussan Natural that I didn't currently have - Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Wash and Shoe Odor Eliminator.

Aussan Natural™ Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Wash is the best way to effectively remove dirt and pesticides from produce. Their 100% Natural formula is Food Grade (GRAS), washes off clean, and leaves no after taste.

The Shoe Odor Eliminator has botanical ingredients that powerfully eliminate bad smells at the source without just masking them--leaving shoes & socks odor free! They are perfect for athletic shoes, sandals, boots, dress shoes, and more. My husband's dress shoes always smell so badly so he was quite excited to use this and I was happy it was safe and non-toxic!

I recommend Aussan Natural for adding to your collection of natural and safe cleaning products! They have a great selection and collection of products for all aspects of life - pets, marine, auto, home and baby care!

Buy It: You can purchase all Aussan Natural products on the Aussan Naturals website.

Win It: Aussan Natural is generously offering (3) products of your choice to a lucky winner!

Enter here for a chance to win:
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* Thank you to Aussan Natural for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*