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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mompact Blog Hop: Dapper Snappers Review and Giveaway

This post is part of the Mompact Blog Hop! 

Mompact is all about moms supporting moms in business - from part-time work-at-home opportunities to blogging, to inventing and creating retail empires. It's a place to support other mom businesses, discover products made by moms, and connect with mom bloggers.

Keep reading to see my review and giveaway for Dapper Snappers and then make sure to visit the other 120 blogs to enter additional giveaways by visiting to find the links.

I have an amazing product to introduce to you today made by a mom just like us - Dapper Snappers!! Dapper Snappers are a toddler belt that is extremely helpful for keeping my son's pants or shorts up since he has such a tiny little butt and waist!

Dapper Snappers are super easy to use. Simply slip the ends through the back belt loops on any pair of pants and snap to the correct size! The Dapper Snapper makes any pair of pants with belt loops into adjustable waist pants. Extend your child’s wardrobe and save with a Dapper Snapper! It’s perfect for potty training toddlers; no bunched up fabric near the button or snap and zipper so it’s easier for little fingers to take care of business. With Dapper Snappers, you can Fix Droopy Drawers in a Snap!

Dapper Snappers are:
  • Affordable
  • Versatile in a wide range of colors for girls belts and boys belts 
  • Recommended for ages 9 mo-6 yrs and One Size Fits All 
  • Perfect for kids who are in between sizes or wearing hand-me-downs! 
  • Convenient – no need to remove for diaper changes & doesn’t impede potty training 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Mom-invented Compliant with CPSIA regulations. 
Make sure to check out Dapper Snappers Facebook and Twitter pages for more info and updates!

My Opinion
Since my son was born, I have had problems finding pants/short that are actually his size! His waist and butt are small for his length so pants are either too big in the waist or too short if they actually fit his waist! I have thought about getting an actual belt but decided against it when I realized how much work that would be to put on and take off...especially when I started potty training!

Dapper Snappers are so great because they not only hold my little guy's britches up, but they don't get in the way of pulling his pants up and down when he has to go to the bathroom and I don't have to take it off and on to put his pants on.

This belt is super easy to put on (as long as you have belt loops) and it looked cute too! Make sure to check out the video above to see how to put it on!

It was made out of super durable material so I am going to be using this Dapper Snappers belt for a LONG TIME!!

I recommend Dapper Snappers kids' belts for all boys and girls who pants and shorts seem to fall down all the time! Save yourself a lot of time and embarrassment (when your child's pants suddenly fall down in public!) by using the really easy and durable Dapper Snappers on all your children's pants and shorts!

Buy It: You can purchase the Original Dapper Snappers for $10.95 on the Dapper Snappers website or at a local retailer near you!

Win It: Dapper Snappers is generously offering (1) $15 gift certificate to a lucky winner!

Enter here for a chance to win:
(1) $15 gift certificate to Dapper Snappers

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* Thank you to Dapper Snappers for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


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