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Monday, November 7, 2011

Gaiam Yoga DVDs

Let me continue our "Gifts for Women" Week by introducing you to some great yoga DVDs from Gaiam! 

These would be great for any exercise minded woman in your life or for someone who you know wants to get healthier!

Yoga expert and instructor Rodney Yee offers a complete home program, with challenging poses and techniques that can help solidly increase the benefits and results of yoga with regular practice every day. Segments include strengthening, energizing, detoxing, and relaxing.


  • Day 1: BUILD THE FOUNDATION (20 minutes) Focusing on body alignment and form, this practice serves as the building block and foundation for the rest of the week. 
  • Day 2: ENERGIZE (20 minutes) This practice burns calories while increasing stamina and endurance to leave you energized throughout the week. 
  • Day 3: STRENGTHEN THE CORE (20 minutes) Designed to get you through the mid-week hump by focusing on strength, using your body s core to get centered physically and mentally. 
  • Day 4: CLEAR IT OUT (20 minutes) This practice helps detox the body, resulting in a feeling of lightness and clarity. 
  •  Day 5: CALM DOWN (20 minutes) Leave the week s stress behind. A gentle restorative practice relaxes the body and clears the mind, allowing you to recharge for the week ahead. 
  • BONUS DOWNLOADABLE: Rodney s Reflections (10 minutes) a series of meditations from Rodney to inspire you throughout the week

Kathryn Budig’s passion for yoga is infectious – you’ll feel it every time you practice with her Aim True Yoga DVD. One of Yoga Journal’s favorite cover models and a YouTube yoga sensation, Kathryn teaches yoga with joyful energy and a can-do confidence that will motivate and inspire you.

Aim True Yoga helps focus your energy and intention, resulting in a stronger, leaner body in no time. “Beginners Practice” (25 minutes) is an easy-to-follow, energizing vinyasa flow practice. In “Authentic Flow” (45 minutes), Kathryn’s expert instruction helps you push to the next level. “Five Favorite Poses” (10 minutes) demystifies five popular poses. You’ll master poses you never thought possible, thanks to Kathryn’s empowering, step-by-step workshop style. Total run time: 80 minutes. USA.

Buy It: You can purchase both these Gaiam DVDs on the Gaiam website.

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* Thank you to Gaiam for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


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