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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ellen Barrett Workout DVD's Review

Firm Up, Slim Down and Get That Live Class Experience With Two New Workout DVDS From Ellen Barrett - “ELLEN BARRETT LIVE: POWER FUSION” AND ELLEN BARRETT LIVE: GRACE+GUSTO”!

Fitness expert Ellen Barrett says, “As much as I am a huge fan of workout DVDs, there’s an energy you get in a live class that I find really motivating. In my newest DVDs, I wanted to bring that energy home.”

Shot in Barrett’s New Haven studio with her actual students, “Ellen Barrett Live: Power Fusion” and “Ellen Barrett Live: Grace + Gusto” DVDs give women everywhere that live class experience. Each 45-minute workout was shot in one take. No breaks were taken to wipe sweat or adjust makeup. It’s just like a regular class.

Both workouts are designed to help women lose weight, improve flexibility, increase strength and gain energy. They are designed to invigorate vs. exhaust. Ellen Barrett is known for her unique workout style that seamlessly blends elements of dance, Pilates, yoga, strength, stretch and cardio. These two total body workouts are done in bare feet without the use of any weights or other equipment. Modifications are demonstrated to make the more challenging moves easier.

“Ellen Barrett Live: Power Fusion” begins with energizing breath work then moves into a half-hour of standing cardio and total-body strengthening exercises before targeting the core from the mat for the final 15-minutes. It draws from yoga, dance and true blue calisthenics.

“Ellen Barrett Live: Grace+Gusto” begins with a dancer-style warm up that leads into 40-minutes of graceful cardio. It works the front, back and the often-overlooked sides of the body. It ends with mat work targeting the abs and arms. A strong Pilates influence comes through in this workout.

My Opinion
I am always on the lookout for new, fun and energizing workouts to keep me motivated and interested in working out!

Ellen Barrett's new workout DVD's are definitely unique because of the setting of an actual live exercise class and they shot it all in one shot so it isn't repetitive like some workout DVD's can be. Plus, you can see everyone sweating and working hard - just like you are! I love that aspect!

Also, I love that you can workout to these videos in bare feet and no equipment is necessary so it is perfect for any low budget weight loss and exercise plan!

The only downfall for me is the amount of time needed to commit to doing these videos. Thirty minutes for me is usually max for working out, so the 45-minutes needed for these videos was a little too long. But if you have lots of time to devote to working out, then these are perfect!

Buy It: You can purchase each Ellen Barrett DVD for $14.95 at www.ellenbarrett.com

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* Thank you to Ellen Barrett and Fit PR for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


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