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Friday, January 6, 2012

I Wish I Had Sent Out Save the Date Cards!

My 5 year wedding anniversary is creeping up quickly...I can't believe it has been FIVE years already! Part of me feels like it I have known and been with my husband forever...and I sort of have been! I have known my husband for over 12 years!! He was my best friend all throughout high school and he still is! :)

Coming up on my five year wedding anniversary has made me reflect on our wedding and what I would do differently now that it is over! For one, I would definitely ELOPE to somewhere warm! :) All the stress and planning and money is just not worth the couple hours you actually spend at your wedding. I would have been just as happy marrying my hubby in a warm destination somewhere with just a couple close friends and family!

Another thing I would have done is send out save the date cards. I don't feel like they were as popular back then as they are today so I don't really even remember thinking much about them! However, I just love how they really help guests mark the day down well in advance so they can plan and they are super cute too! I usually receive save the date cards for almost every wedding these days and they can be so cute and personalized!

What wedding anniversary are you celebrating this year? 
Would you have changed anything about your wedding or the planning of it now that you have gone through it and seen other weddings? 

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Five Foot Mama said...

We'll be celebrating 7 years this year! Thinking back, I don't know if I would change a thing- except for the cake. It was terrible. I'm pretty sure the baker forgot about it until the last minute and had to quickly throw it together- I'm not joking! We never did get billed for it...

Other than that our day was perfect. We made almost everything ourselves and did a picnic style supper to save on the cash. We ended up with a very inexpensive wedding that looked fabulous, was so much fun, and unbelievably memorable.


J. 76 said...

Congratulations! Happy anniversary to you and your husband.

I can barely believe it's possible, but hubby and I will be celebrating our 15th anniversary this year! It's mostly that I don't feel as old as that sounds. Rofl!

We did get married younger than the norm. The funny thing about that was I was the only one of my friends that had no intention of getting married. I turned out to be the first.


Three Boys and an Old Lady said...

Hubby & I are celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss this year. Save the date cards weren't all that popular then. However, we did use them for our 5 & 10 year anniversary parties. I am definitely planning something HUGE for our 15th wedding anniversary.