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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oscillo & Children’s Chestal Review and Giveaway

The dreaded cold and flu season is here again! So this year, why not take a vow to use solutions that work naturally with your body. Make sure your medicine cabinet is equipped with medicines such as Oscillococcinum® (Oscillo®) and Children’s Chestal®, both from Boiron, world leader in homeopathic medicines.

Nip Flu-like Symptoms at the First Sign
Flu is highly contagious and can put you out of commission for more than a week. There is no “cure” for the flu, but the key is to relieve symptoms that make us so miserable at the first sign.

Oscillococcinum, or Oscillo for short, may be difficult to pronounce, but it’s a must-have during flu season. The moment you start to feel achy or run down is when Oscillo can start working naturally with your body to relieve flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, body aches, chills and fever. Oscillo has been shown in clinical studies to help reduce both the severity and the duration of flu-like symptoms, helping you feel like yourself again. In one recent study published in a British scientific journal, nearly 63 percent of patients who took Oscillo within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms showed a “clear improvement” or “complete resolution” in as fast as 48 hours. Oscillo has no side effects and is packaged in individual doses, so it’s easy to carry with you and take as you need it. It’s sweet-tasting, melt-away pellets dissolve quickly under the tongue and require no water, chewing, or swallowing, and it’s safe for ages two and up.

Relieve Your Child’s Cough Naturally and Safely, Without Drowsiness or Sleeplessness 
If the common cough is an inevitable part of your child’s winter repertoire, then Children’s Chestal cough syrup should have a permanent position in your home. With no artificial flavors or colors, this honey-based cough syrup is one of the safest and tastiest options for relieving all types of common coughs.

Safe for children ages two and up, this non-drowsy medicine works by coating the throat with the sweet, natural goodness of honey, temporarily soothing throat irritation, while its blend of safe homeopathic medicines loosens chest congestion, thereby making coughs more productive for a speedier recovery. Children’s Chestal can be your little one’s day and night cough solution—calming those dry, fitful coughs that can prevent sleep at bedtime, but without the drowsy side effects that can hamper an active child’s day. In addition to being safe and non-drowsy, Children’s Chestal is also dye-free with no drug interactions.

Be the first to know about cold and flu outbreaks in your area before they strike in your home. Just enter your zip code in Boiron’s Cold and Flu Tracker at http://www.oscillo.com/flu-tracker to find out your region’s risk level.

Learn more about Oscillo at www.oscillo.com and Children’s Chestal at www.childrenschestal.com. “Like” the Oscillo Facebook page for great tips about staying healthy during cold and flu season, as well as fun giveaways at www.facebook.com/oscillo.

My Opinion
I absolutely LOVE Boiron and their safe and natural products!

I love that Oscillo and Children's Chestal are homeopathic medicines that are safe, natural, and have no side effects! That is so important to me and are the only type of medicine I feel safe to give my family, especially my young son! I hate all the artificial ingredients and dangerous chemicals in so many mainstream medicines these days - I am so happy to have Boiron's Oscillo and Children's Chestal to give my family in times of illness!

I love that Oscillo has a sweet-taste and is super easy to take because they are melt-away pellets and they dissolve quickly under the tongue and require no water, chewing, or swallowing. Best of all, it’s safe for ages two and up so I can even give my son this medicine!

Children's Chestal is great because it is a honey-based cough syrup and is one of the safest and tastiest options for relieving all types of common coughs. It is non-drowsy and safe for children ages two and up, so once again it is safe to give my son! I love that because there is nothing worse than watching a young child suffer!

I recommend Boiron's Oscillo and Children's Chestal this flu and cold season! They are safe, natural and have no side effects! They are perfect for the young and old and can help make this winter and sickness a little more bearable for all!

Buy It: You can purchase Oscillo and Children’s Chestal at Walgreens, CVS, Whole Foods and local health food stores.

Win It: Boiron is generously offering (1) Oscillo OR Children’s Chestal (you can pick either one) to a lucky winner!

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