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Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick Zip Organic Crib Sheets Review and Giveaway

They say change is inevitable, which is certainly true when you have kids. Sometimes, though, busy moms could do with a little less change — or at least change that's not so messy. That's where the QuickZip® sheet comes in.

QuickZip from Clouds and Stars is an innovative sheet invented by moms for moms. It takes a chore we all hate — changing crib or bunk-bed sheets — and makes it, if not fun, at least painless.

How does it work? 

First, you place a mattress in the zipper base sheet. Then, you place the mattress on the bed. Next, you zip the zipper sheet to the base and tuck in the pull. When the bed needs changing, you simply zip off the zipper sheet and zip another into place. That's all there is to it. No lifting mattress corners or moving bed frames or calling for help.

Best of all, QuickZip sheets are as beautiful and comfortable as they are functional. They handpick fabrics that easily coordinate with the d├ęcor of any nursery or child's room and that are soft and comfy against your child's cheek. And, of course, they're perfectly safe. There are no corners to pop off, and the zipper is fully enclosed in protective fabric.

I generously received the Organic Crib Starter Set from Clouds and Stars.
  • Treat your baby to the best with our certified organic cotton - why should they sleep on anything else
  • The worlds easiest crib sheet! Place the mattress in the zipper base, lay the flat mattress pad on the mattress and zip on the zipper sheet
  • When the sheet is soiled, just unzip it - no need to remove bumpers - and zip on a clean zipper sheet
  • Zipper base fully covers the bottom and four sides of the mattress so it stays in place
  • 210-thread count, soft and cozy for baby
  • Covered zipper never touches baby
  • Fits mattresses 52" x 27" and 5" to 7" thick standard crib and toddler bed mattresses
  • Imported
The patented two-piece QuickZip® sheet set is designed to be simple, safe and stylish. The top zips off the base for easy changing. No more mattress wrestling or constant tying and untying of bumper ribbons. Unlike loose-fitting sheets that can cause an entanglement danger to your baby, QuickZip® fits snugly around your mattress. And since they preshrink all our fabrics, their sheets fit wash after wash.

The starter set includes one zipper base and one zipper top.

My Opinion
I have seen the Quick Zip sheets talked about on blogs for months now and every time I read about them, I was so JEALOUS! :) They looked amazingly easy to use and put on a mattress and every time I had to change my son's crib sheets, I recalled these amazing Quick Zip sheets and wished I had them!

Thanks to Clouds and Stars, I now own my own Organic Quick Zip sheet set and they are as amazing as I thought they would be!!!

First off, I L-O-V-E that they care enough about our children to offer organic options for these sheets! I think I would have been crushed if I had went on their website to pick out my Quick Zip sheets and saw that they don't offer organic sheets! Putting organic cotton next to my son's face for the large amount of hours in a day he sleeps is so IMPORTANT to me - and I know it is important to you too! Thanks Clouds and Stars for Caring!! :)

Secondly, these sheets WERE super easy to use! The first day I got them, I immediately put them on my son's bed because I didn't want to live another day changing sheets the hard way. The base sheet was easy to slip on (but I am glad I only have to take out the crib mattress once to do that!) and then the top crib sheet zipped on as easy as zipping up a coat! My mattress protector and mattress pads fit underneath the sheet with no problems and the sheets were very snug!

My son decided to test these sheets out the first day as he had an "accident" (more like an explosion) while he slept. I was SO GLAD I had taken the time to put on these Quick Zip sheets because I could now just unzip it, throw it in the laundry and zip it back on again!

They didn't shrink and they looked just as good as new...for the second time!

Need I say more?? These may be the best item ever invented for children's beds (and for their PARENTS!!)

I am so excited to have these in my crib for the new baby - it will make changing the sheets in the middle of the night so much easier than with my son (when I changed sheets the hard way)!!! Thank you again Clouds and Stars for making such an innovative and easy to use product! 

If you don't have these sheets, you don't understand what you are missing (and the extra unnecessary effort you are putting in!). And if you do have them, then you know why I can't stop saying enough great things about them! :)

Buy It: You can purchase the Quick Zip Organic Crib Starter Set (includes one zipper base and one zipper top) for $59.99 from the Clouds and Stars website. 

Win It: Clouds and Stars is generously offering (1) Organic Crib Starter Set (includes one zipper base and one zipper top) to a lucky winner!

Enter here for a chance to win:
(1) Organic Quick Zip Crib Starter Set
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* Thank you to Clouds and Stars for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


momto8 said...

wow! bunk beds are the worst!!

Kelley said...

I have been voting for you on Top Mommy blogs, but I am not sure the link is working.

Natassia Butler said...

I have been looking into these. Did you find it easy to change with a bumper?

The Review Stew said...

Yes, these sheets are easy to change with pretty much any obstacle :). It is seriously as easy as unzipping your coat. It is a little harder to get the bottom sheet on the mattress when first starting out but after that all you worry about is unzipping and washing the top sheet! SUPER EASY and still one of my favorite baby products out there!