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Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby Ota Review and Giveaway

I am so excited to share one of my new favorite baby products that I have received for my daughter - the Baby Ota! It is so unique, eco-friendly, and perfect for keeping your baby warm and happy!

The Baby Ota is much more than a regular swaddle or wrap. Simulating the mother’s womb, the Baby Ota keeps babies warm and cozy, which is vital for baby development. Many pediatricians refer to the first three months of a baby’s life as the “Fourth Trimester” of development where, physiologically, the baby should still be in the mother’s womb for proper development. Because baby is fully wrapped in the Baby Ota, she’ll get the benefits of a simulated womb.

The Baby Ota is handmade every time with loving care out of 100% eco-friendly bamboo and hand selected cotton blends. 

Since everyone loves babies and wants to hold them, the Baby Ota makes sharing your baby easy and worry free. Instead of touching baby, those holding her will touch the Baby Ota, so baby is safe from germs and bacteria. There’s no need to worry about holding baby in the right position; the Baby Ota secures baby in properly, preventing her from twisting or rolling over while keeping baby’s head in place.

But the Baby Ota doesn’t constrain baby; it hugs her comfortably. It’s such a soothing environment that babies always fall asleep and sleep longer, making it a great and safe alternative to a crib and a blanket. She’ll sleep comfortably on her back, without anything in her face, so she has the benefits of a blanket without the risks of choking or suffocating. After all, getting a deeper, more restful sleep is vital to baby’s development.

To use an Ota, you simply lay the Ota down flat, and place the baby on top of the Ota. Fold the bottom of the Ota over the bottom of the baby. For smaller babies, you may fold the the bottom back down. The two side flaps wrap snugly around the sides of the baby so that the baby’s face is not obstructed, yet the head is protected.

My son LOVES the Baby Ota!!

My Opinion

There are so many great benefits of the Baby Ota, I don't even know where to begin! :)

My favorite feature has to be the material! The super soft bamboo material is so gentle on any baby's skin and also eco-friendly! Because of the bamboo material, the Baby Ota is really easy to wash. I just simply pulled out the pillow and washed the covering in the washing machine. It did take a while to air dry (I didn't want to dry it in the dryer) because it is thick, but it is worth it! Plus, the bamboo fabric naturally repels odors and is easy to clean – so there’s no need to worry that baby’s spit up will stain your Baby Ota! You gotta love that...especially when dealing with a newborn who seems to spit up at every turn!

Here is my son with his baby wrapped in a Baby Ota!
I also LOVE how easy the Baby Ota is to use and put on a baby - even a squirming one! It fits a wide range of sizes - even my 25 lb son enjoyed being wrapped in the Baby Ota...and so did his baby!

It will definitely keep a baby warm so you don't have to worry about carrying or using extra blankets in their bed or on trips! Just grab your Baby Ota and you are all set!

Plus, the germaphobe in me LOVES that people don't have to touch my newborn baby when she is wearing the Baby Ota! They only touch the Baby Ota (which can be washed easily!!) and germs stay off my very susceptible baby! :)

The Baby Ota is super soft and super comfy and can be passed down through generation and generation and become a heirloom! I can't wait to try it with my new daughter!

Buy It: You can purchase the Baby Ota for $59.00 on the Baby Ota website.

Win It: Baby Ota is generously offering (1) Baby Ota to a lucky winner!

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