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Friday, February 24, 2012

Medela Breastpump and Calma Bottle Review

If you are a breastfeeding or pumping mother, then chances are you have heard of Medela! They are the queen of breastpumps and I am so excited to share with you one of their greatest pumps - the Pump In Style Advanced Tote and also one of their newest products - the Calma bottle!

Medela provides the most technologically advanced breastpumps and breastfeeding accessories to nursing mothers around the world. A long-time champion of breastfeeding, Medela is the only company to develop products based on research by the world’s leading lactation experts. As a result, Medela’s breastpumps are the number one choice of healthcare professionals and facilities worldwide.

Medela announced in January the U.S. launch of Calma, a product designed exclusively for breastfed babies to support mothers in their breastfeeding journey. Calma is a research-based nipple used with a BPA-free breastmilk bottle designed to help babies to maintain their natural feeding behavior and transition from bottle back to breast with ease — a revolution for breastfeeding mothers.

What’s unique about Calma is that it is more than a conventional bottle nipple: it’s a research-based feeding solution designed exclusively for breastfed babies to support mothers in maintaining their breastfeeding goals, especially during life transitions (i.e., going back to work).

Calma is the latest advancement in breastfeeding science that is the result of many years of development and research by world-renowned scientists and lactation researchers that demonstrated that babies create a vacuum when extracting milk from the breast. This is a method different than the wave-like movement that was previously understood. Calma recently won the prestigious Innovation Award in the category of World of Baby Care at Kind + Jugend, the world’s leading international nursery fair.

Calma is a part of Medela’s complete breastfeeding support system of pump, store and feed products. Its one size/shape nipple is used for all stages of breastmilk feeding. Calma will not leak since breastmilk only flows when baby creates a vacuum. The vented nipple also helps to reduce gassiness. Breastfeeding should be well established before introducing Calma.

My Opinion
In addition to their new Calma bottle, I also generously received the Pump In Style Advanced Tote from Medela for my breastfeeding and pumping journey with my daughter!

Pump In Style Advanced is a daily use breastpump designed for moms who pump several times a day. All Pump In Style Advanced breastpumps offer portable convenience for quiet, discreet pumping anywhere. It is available in three bag styles: On-the-go Tote, Backpack and The Metro Bag.
I have used a Medela pump in the past with my son and it was very easy to use and worked the best it could with the little milk supply I had at the time.

My favorite feature of the Medela pump is the 2-Phase Expression® technology which is only found in Medela breastpumps. Through research, Medela learned that there are two distinct phases of how babies breastfeed: Stimulation Phase (when babies first go to breast, they suck fast and light to stimulate milk flow) and Expression Phase (after milk flow or "let-down" starts, babies breastfeed with a slower, deeper suck, bringing out more milk faster).

This Medela pump really imitates the natural phases of breastfeeding and really gets the maximum amount of milk expressed in one session!

The pump itself is really easy to use and understand - even for a first timer like I was. The adjustable speed/vacuum dial lets mom choose the most comfortable setting so you never dread pumping with a Medela pump!

Another great feature about the Advanced Tote bag is that it is stylish and no one will even know it is carrying all your pumping supplies! It also includes a contoured ice pack that keeps milk cool for up to 12 hours if you have to pump at work or on-the-go. It also includes built-in bottle holders (which the other models don't)!

It really is an ideal pump for working mothers because the battery pack lets mom pump anywhere, anytime and it produces more milk in less time!

However, I chose Medela because they have done their research - not only with their breastpumps - but also with their accessories like their new Calma bottle! I know I can trust them because they only make quality products that work!

If you are looking for a brand you can trust while nursing and pumping, turn to Medela!

Buy It: You can purchase the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Tote for $276.99 on and the Medela breastpumps and Calma bottles are also available at local baby specialty stores.

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* Thank you to Medela for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


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