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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ava Anderson Body Care Products Review

I not only love the products from Ava Anderson, but I love the story behind the super safe and chemical-free products she makes!

Ava, discovered at the age of 14, the issue of chemicals in personal care products and their hazardous health effects. The more Ava researched, the more concerned she became. She started a blog to talk about where to find safer products. The market is flooded with “organic”, “natural”, “safe” and “pure”, yet there were almost always toxic ingredients included as well. After throwing out most of her products, her mothers’ and grandmothers’ too, she still had nothing “Ava Approved” to replace them with, or to recommend.

After months of research, Ava realized that she needed to create her own products. Through a family friend, she located a manufacturer with research facilities that could develop and produce products to her standards. It was a great challenge to develop these revolutionary formulas, but with her vision and persistence she succeeded. Ava’s personal care company was launched in December 2009.

Here is a list of Ava's current lines:

avaBODY – hand & body lotion - hand sanitizer - lip balm - hand soap - shower gel - body scrub

avaSKIN –cleanser – toner –moisturizer – exfoliator – eye makeup remover pads – eye cream - lip scrub

avaFACE – lip glosses – lipsticks – mascara - foundation – blush - brushes

avaSUN – sunscreen – lip balm with spf – moisturizer with spf

avaHAIR – shampoo – conditioner – style cream – deep conditioning treatment

My Opinion
I generously received some great products from Ava Anderson! My favorites were the Shower Gel and Hand Soap.

The Shower Gel is packed with organic oils and butters to leave your skin clean, soft and smooth. The consistency is indulgent, the lather abundant, the citrus aroma is organic and the results will exceed your expectations. I love that there are no harmful ingredients that will be absorbed into my skin and I love the lather!

The Hand Soap contains the perfect combination of ingredients to eliminate bacteria while providing the moisture retaining ingredients that skin needs to stay healthy, hydrated and beautifully soft. I feel great using this soap on my hands and my son's little sensitive skin and hands several times a day! I never have to worry about icky ingredients that will be absorbed into his skin!

If you never want to worry about the ingredients in your skin, body, face or sun products again, make sure to check out the safe and effective Ava Anderson products!

Buy It: You can purchase all Ava Anderson products online from the Ava Anderson website. 

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* Thank you to Ava Anderson for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*