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Friday, March 9, 2012

Bella Viva Orchards Organic Dried Fruit Review

There isn't much that can beat the taste of ripe, juicy ORGANIC fruit! Organic fruit just tastes so sweet, juicy and fresh...and best of all it is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals!

Bella Viva Orchards LOVES organic fruit as much as I do! They produce and sell exceptional fresh and dried fruit, nuts and chocolate to loyal customers at their stands in northern California's celebrated farmer's markets, in select restaurants and to online customers across the country.

Named for their daughters, Vivian and Belle, Bella Viva means beautiful long life in Italian. The name captures the essence of Bella Viva Orchards and all that Bella Viva aim to provide for their customers.

Quality is of utmost importance to Bella Viva. Growing the fruit that they dry and market enables them to have complete control over the fruit quality from the initial growing phase on through the final packaging and delivery.

I generously received two great organic products from Bella Viva Orchards: the California Organic Tray and the Organic Dark Chocolate Cherries.

The California Organic Tray includes organic fruits with vibrant color and un-oxidized essence that is achieved through a natural drying technique scrupulously developed at Bella Viva.

Their certified organic dried fruit is not only sustainably grown and totally nutritious but it has an excellent appearance, satisfying flavor, and a pleasing aroma! Enjoy this fruit as it is displayed on a wooden peach tray that was made in their wood shop from old peach trees that once grew in the Bella Viva Orchards in Modesto, California.

It Includes 16oz of Organic:
 - Bing Cherries
 - Apricots
 - Oranges
 - Pears
 - Persimmons
 - White Nectarines
 - White Peaches
 - Yellow Peaches

The Organic Dark Chocolate Cherries are grown on the Bella Viva Orchards in California. Their premium Organic Dried Bing Cherries are dipped in savory Organic Dark Chocolate and make great gifts as they are delightfully packaged in 8 oz. gift bags.

My Opinion
My family is big fruit eaters! But fruit is the most susceptible to pesticides and other chemicals so I make sure to always buy organically!

However, in the winter, finding fresh, tasty organic fruit in the stores is really hard to find and can be really expensive. That is why we scarfed down the organic dried fruit tray. It included so many delicious organic fruit that we don't get to eat often, especially persimmons, white peaches, and white nectarines!

I personally LOVED the apricots and cherries the best. My son and husband loved the oranges, peaches and nectarines! Eating this delicious dried fruit became a very special treat for my son during the day!

My special treat was the Organic Dark Chocolate Cherries. This item combined my favorite two foods - chocolate and cherries!! Best of all, it was organic and I can't find that anywhere! These were juicy and chocolatey and fulfilled my sugar cravings while being healthy and organic!

Thank you Bella Viva Orchards for making organic fruits such a priority like they are in my house! If you are looking for organic fruits and gifts, you have got to check out Bella Viva Orchards selection! You will not be disappointed!

Buy It: You can purchase all organic fruit and gifts on the Bella Viva Orchards website.

Bella Viva Orchards is generously offering my readers a 15% discount of your purchase! 
The coupon code is "thereview" and is valid until 4/22/12.

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* Thank you to Bella Viva Orchards for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*