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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Naturtint Natural Hair Color Review

Most women like to change up their hair color to bring a little change and refreshment to their lives! Or maybe you want to cover up those pesky grey hairs! Either way, it is important to only use safe and ammonia-free hair color to protect your scalp, hair and body from harmful chemicals and ingredients! That is why today I recommend to all you hair dyers out there Naturtint natural hair color!

Naturtint® natural hair color is unlike most home hair dyes – Naturtint is a ammonia-free hair color and it does not contain other harsh chemicals that can irritate and damage your hair. Naturtint is Paraben free as well.

Naturtint® provides color that lasts while leaving hair healthier and revitalized. It combines natural activators that nourish your hair and highly concentrated micro-pigment dyes for rich, radiant color, allowing you to color your hair with care. Natural hair coloring by Naturtint offers optimum color and care, and everything that you need is in the Naturtint package. Explore their 29 mixable shades on their Naturtint Hair Color Chart to find just the right hair color for your style.

The Naturtint Hair Color Chart can give you hair color ideas and help you get great results when you color at home. Most people find that coloring their hair one or two shades darker or lighter than their natural hair color suits their skin tone. However, you can color your hair as dark as you like in one application, but you can lighten your hair color by only one or two shades at a time. To achieve a hair color that is much lighter than your natural hair color you must do it by coloring in stages, choosing shades one or two steps lighter than the color used previously.

My Opinion
I like to change up my hair color once in awhile for a little change in my life. However, I have always been cautious to do so because of all the chemicals in regular hair dye out there!

Naturtint has allowed me to think about coloring my hair again because of their all-natural, ammonia and paraben free formula that is safe for my body and hair! They offer so many great shades and you can even go lighter safely without ammonia!

It is pretty cool how Naturtint works! The active plant-based ingredients and the pH of the colorant cream help to open the external cuticle layer of the hair naturally. Next, the natural color of the hair is removed, and micro-pigments penetrate the deepest layers of the hair with its new color. Finally, the cuticle returns to its original position, trapping the colorants inside the hair to ensure that the new color won't fade away.

I love how the box includes everything you need to color your safely and quickly and it is easy enough to do at home!

If you are looking for a more natural hair color that won't irritate your scalp or put harmful ammonia into your body, then look no further than Naturtint!

Buy It: You can purchase Naturtint hair color at thousands of stores nationwide, including retailers such as Whole Foods and Henry's or online stores like and You can find your nearest retailer on the Naturtint website.

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* Thank you to Naturtint for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


Katrina Brady said...

I so recommend hair color that is natural without all those added chemicals. If you are doing it yourself, you simply have to be careful! SASS

Searching for Happy said...

My wife likes to dye here hair, and I'd love to pass along a suggestion like this that is chemical free.


-Visiting from SASS

zcb257 said...

I like a change once in a while too, but I *hate* dying, to the point where I'd rather walk around grey than do it. Every single time I dye my hair I get a headache, so you gotta know that it can't be good.

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