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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Numi Organic Tea Review

I have mentioned before how many great items has. But did you know they carry Numi Tea too? I didn't, but I am sure glad I know now because they carry some great flavors that have become my favorites!

I received a variety pack of Numi Tea and I decided to try the three flavors of Numi Tea that were low in caffeine or caffeine free since I am pregnant.

I started with the Numi Chamomile Lemon Tea. I loved the citrus taste with a taste of calming chamomile! This tea was perfect for drinking right before bed to calm my mind and body! It was soothing and best of all caffeine free so I don't have to worry about it keeping me up!

The second flavor I really liked is the Numi Moroccan Mint Tea. It had a very bold flavor and was really soothing for an upset stomach (which I have a lot as a pregnant woman!). It was also very calming for a night time tea because it is caffeine free. It cleared my sinuses with a deep breath and I just loved breathing in the clean, refreshing scent!

The third favorite flavor was the Numi Orange Spice Tea. This is a white tea with a real orange peel and spice! This was my favorite tea flavor because I love the slight orange flavor with the Cinnamon and Cloves. It has low caffeine in case you do need a little boost to your day. This would be a great tea to have in the morning to start your day of refreshed and ready to go!

Best of all, no matter what teas I chose, I have the reassurance that these teas are all organic, fair trade, all natural teas and they always use premium ingredients for purity of taste. They are all made from full-leaf tea, with real fruit, herbs, flowers and spices and it makes the tastes exceptional no matter what flavor is your favorite!

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Angie Bailey said...

The Numi Orange Spice Tea is my favorite Numi Tea also!