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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shoplet Duck Tape Review has come through for my family again - especially my husband this time - who seems to go through packaging tape like it's nobody's business!!

They have EVERYTHING you need for your business from hand sanitizers and hand soaps to office chairs and office desks and, of course, a huge supply of office supplies. This time they are showing off their great array of packaging tape!

They recently sent me three great items: Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape, Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape w/ Dispenser, and Zebra Printed Duck Tape.

The Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape is frustration-free adhesive that eliminates splitting and tearing when restarting the roll. There are two great features about this packaging tape: the innovative roll-on tape dispenser unrolls quietly and smoothly & and it is easy to apply with one hand. I love how it includes two rolls each and two dispensers plus bonus roll for big jobs. This should last my husband a good long time and it is super easy to use with one hand while you try to hold a box shut with the other!

The Duck E-Z Start Premium Packaging Tape w/Dispenser is also a frustration-free adhesive that eliminates splitting and tearing when restarting the roll. It has the same qualities as the packaging tape I talked about above with an easy start and stop without losing the end of the tape and unrolling quietly! You don't ever have to worry about that annoying splitting or tearing that happens with other packaging tape! I love that!

The Zebra Printed Duck Tape is a printed duct tape which makes it excellent for repairs, color-coding, fashion, crafting and imaginative projects. This tape is so fun and different and can not only be used for taping boxes or projects, but for other craft projects or specially marking items! It is not only fun looking but works too! It offers high-performance strength and adhesion characteristics. The tape tears easily by hand without curling and conforms to uneven surfaces. If you want to change up your boring old packaging tape, then definitely turn to the Zebra Printed Duck Tape!

So as you can see, has a great selection of different types of packaging type - one for every occasion and amount of taping you need done!

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* Thank you to for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


Sam Dyer said...

I love duct tape. Just love it.
I have repaired a lot of things using duct tape.I would love that zebra print tape.