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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nickelodeon Floam & Gak Review

One of my memories from childhood is being so jealous of all my friends who had Gak and Floam! They would bring them to school and play with them at recess and I would beg to play with them! I was so jealous...

Now my childhood fantasies of owing my very own Gak and Floam are fulfilled because my family has received the NEW and IMPROVED Gak and Floam and they are better than ever!!

Completely reformulated to make playtime and clean-up a cinch for a new generation of families, new Nickelodeon Floam and Gak are two unique reusable compounds, each designed to encourage creative thinking and open-ended play.

The Floam is my favorite of the two! I just love the fun texture!

Floam is the incredible, reusable molding compound that will keep you creating for hours on end! Mold your own creations or transform almost anything into a Floam-covered masterpiece. Roll it, mold it, cover it — that's the way you Floam it.

Best of all, it is reusable OVER and OVER! After you're done, just squish Floam back into its container and use it again and again or let your creation harden overnight and keep it forever!

The new Nickelodeon Gak is a stretchy, squishy collectible compound that makes the funny noises kids love to laugh at! :) Gak can be squeezed, stretched, bubbled and more – once kids pick up Gak, they won’t want to put it down!

Gak's awesome "Splat" container lets you make all sorts of wacky sounds when you squish the Gak around. Stretch it all the way across a room. Squeeze it through your fingers. Blow a giant bubble then pop it! Press it into a plastic cup and listen as it makes the loudest frrrrrrrt sounds to make kids laugh hysterically!

And then after playtime, you just squish Gak back into air-tight container to save the fun for another day! It stays fresh...just like new!

Most importantly to me and my family, both Gak and Floam are non-toxic, phthalate-, latex-, and BPA-free! That gives me such peace of mind and helps me and my children enjoy it all the more!

Buy It: You can purchase Gak and Floam for $6.99 each at Target,, Bed Bath & Beyond, A.C. Moore and Walgreens.

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* Thank you to Nickelodeon and Child's Play Communications for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*