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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shop Easier for Green Products this Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day this weekend, I wanted to share a great company that knows what green means and supplies only eco-friendly products that can you help you turn "green" this Earth Day! is also one of the easiest sites to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for! provides environmentally responsible alternatives to everyday mainstream products. Their goal is to make it easy for eco-conscious consumers to find and compare “Green” products while simultaneously educating them as to what “Green” means.

One of my favorite features of the site is the 25 Eco-Traits that you can use when searching and shopping for their green products. These range from organic, kosher, or toxin free to recyclable, energy efficient, or handmade. With the ability to sort any product category or brand by these traits, they have eliminated endless searching for what you are looking for and eliminates wasted time looking at what you don't want.

When I first got on their site, I immediately used the Eco-Traits to help me find what items I was looking for immediately. I wanted to look for organic baby products so I first went to the Baby & Kids section. Then I could sort the results to only organic products. It gave me a great selection of organic baby items and took away all the results I was not interested in! It saved me so much time!!

As a busy "green" mom of two kids under 2, I don't have time to waste searching through hundreds of items on a site! That is why I love how organized and helpful and their Eco-Traits are! Whether you are just starting out on your "green" journey or if you have been living an eco-friendly lifestyle for awhile now, you will find all your favorite green and eco-friendly products in one place for every aspect of life...and you will be able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily!

Head over to today and celebrate Earth Day this year with some awesome new eco-friendly products!

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Anonymous said...

I love this article.
What I do to save the Earth is using Bidet (Toilet Seat Attachment) at home. It's GREEN and Hygiene product. Less Toilet Paper use = Less Tree Cut

You can get it from many place included ebay, amazon, local stores, and etc..

I use Bidet4me brand since it's the best value on web that I can find. Very easy to install and Good Value.

IF you can share your experience to help others to get an idea of how to save Earth.. We can really save the Earth!!!! Go GREEN