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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where Did My Friend Go?

Things happen in life that can really change people. I have experienced this with friends and family more than once in life.

I have friends that, when faced with problems, trials, or crises in life, become different people and personalities than what you are used to! They may become angrier, more selfish, only want to talk about themselves, or just sad and depressed. It becomes really hard to stay friends with them. But I have learned over time that you need a lot of patience and good listening skills. I usually can help the situation by giving them time to vent and help them by listening and offering advice when needed. Sometimes, they just need a good listening ear to figure out their situation and turn back to themselves!

Chuck from the hit TV show 'Chuck' can relate to this situation! In Season 5 episode 3, his friend, Morgan, has been experiencing certain side effects from the Intersect. The beginning of this episode leaves Chuck wondering why on earth his oldest, closest friend had transformed into an obnoxious and petulant man.

If you want to see how Chuck deals with his friend, make sure to buy and enjoy Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD!

Have you ever experienced something similar with a close friend? Was there any explanation for their behavior, and how did things end up working out?

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Unknown said...

I love "Chuck". I'm sad that it's over.

I am a follower from Welcome Wednesday. I pretty much follow you everywhere- FB, Twitter, pinterest, GFC, etc.