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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amazing Earth & Oceanic DVD's Review

Nature shows are a HUGE hit in our house, as I have mentioned before! We really enjoy to watch them on our weekly Family Popcorn and Movie night on Sunday nights!

Our latest favorites are the two great DVD's from Discovery Channel: Amazing Earth and Oceanic.

The exciting Amazing Earth DVD offers viewers a unique, awe-inspiring exploration through some of the world’s most spectacular secrets – all from the comfort of your own home.

Highlights of your expedition include:

  • Climbing the highest peaks Earth has to offer
  • Studying the red-hot elements at Earth’s scorching center
  • Navigating your way through some of the most impressive caves no human has ever set foot in
  • Braving a flight through the eye of a hurricane and a vanishing rainforest to gain beautiful and inimitable new perspectives.

After part one of your journey finishes, Oceanic will be standing by with your VIP seats on Nereus, a hybrid underwater vehicle designed to reach even the darkest depths of the ocean. Join the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s dive team for a heart-stopping descent towards the Challenger Deep, the deepest known point of the sea floor. As you continue to dive, keep your eyes peeled for some of the ocean’s most intricate creatures and marine life that have never before been explored. Prior to Nereus, no underwater craft had reached depths past 6,000 meters, making Oceanic a can’t-miss historic event.

Both of these DVD's were extremely interesting, eye opening, and awe inspiring! I love watching these with my son so he can see all the amazing wonders of this Earth, learn interesting facts, and see how God has created such an amazing Earth for us to enjoy and preserve!

You will never take for granted the Earth we were given again when you watch these DVD's!

Buy It: You can purchase Amazing Earth for $9.02 on and Oceanic for $13.88 on

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