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Monday, May 7, 2012

Diaper Dabbler Review and Giveaway

Anyone else get completely and utterly overwhelmed when you go to the diaper section of any store?? There are SO MANY DIFFERENT BRANDS to choose from!!! How do YOU choose?

And then when you finally settle on a brand to try, you get it home and it leaks, doesn't fit, or you just don't like it! Has that happened to you??? I hate when that happens and then you are stuck with a whole, expensive pack of diapers that you never want to use again...

What if I told you that you could try several brands of diapers to see which one was your favorite before buying a WHOLE pack of expensive diapers that you won't use or like?

Well, you NOW YOU CAN with Diaper Dabbler, a great new company that provides sampler packs of popular brands of disposable diapers. New moms have enough stress and things to think about without having to be overwhelmed with all the choices and the challenge to find the one diaper that works best without spending a fortune on the wrong ones.

Diaper Dabbler allows anyone to dabble in a variety of diapers for the cost of a single pack of diapers. They currently offer 11 different brands/types of disposable diapers in a variety of sample packs, as well as a mix-n-match sample pack. They also make a great baby shower gift, helping the new mom out with an overwhelming decision/choice.

I absolutely LOVE this idea and I couldn't wait to share this company with you because I know many of you have experienced diaper confusion and frustration like I have! I personally choose eco-friendly and chlorine-free diapers, but these days there are still A LOT of eco-friendly options of diapers out there!

That is why I was so excited to see that Diaper Dabbler has a Mother Earth sample pack! I couldn't wait to try all the different brands because several of them I had not tried before! These diapers tend to be more expensive than regular diapers so I REALLY hate when I buy a whole expensive pack that I don't end up liking!

The Mother Earth diaper sampler pack is comprised of relatively new and lesser known disposable diapers on the market. You, or a mommy-to-be, will receive 3 prepackaged size 1 diapers of each of the following:
  • Earth’s Best TenderCare
  • Seventh Generation Free & Clear
  • Nature Baby Care
  • Nurtured by Nature
  • Huggies Pure & Natural
Each brand sample pack is protectively sealed in plastic and clearly labeled so Mom knows exactly what she’s trying. The entire set is wrapped in a bed of tissue paper before being boxed. Great care is used to protect the quality of your diaper samples.

I loved trying all these different eco-friendly brands, but Earth's Best still won for me. They have always held up great against major blowouts and haven't leaked for me. However, I am so glad to see there are so many other brands out there making safer, less chemical diapers and I loved the chance to sample them without buying a whole expensive pack!

If you are looking for a great gift for a new mother or baby shower gift, I think Diaper Dabbler packs are a great gift idea for any new mom! Take one less worry away for them by giving them a chance to find exactly what diaper they like...without wasting money on pack after pack of diapers!

Buy It: You can purchase the Mother Earth sample pack for $19.00 on the Diaper Dabbler website.

Win It: Diaper Dabbler is generously offering (1) 1 Mega Mom package. to a lucky winner!

Enter here for a chance to win:
(1) Mega Mom Sample Package

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