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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Am Running My Baby Weight Off in Kinvara 3 Shoes!

I come from a big track, running and cross country family, but I was the odd one and have HATED running my entire life...

...until I had my first child and hadn't lost the baby weight even after a year!

I decided drastic change was needed and I got my butt on the treadmill and outside and went from only being able to walk to running for over an hour at a time! I gradually began to love the adrenaline rush, the weight dropping off like crazy, and the stress relief! I couldn't believe it but I became a running fan! I have run several races including a 5K and 10K and I love it!

Now that I just had my second baby, I am chomping at the bit to get back to running! I can't wait to see the baby weight GO AWAY and it is the only time in the day I get FOR ME! :)

The other reason I am so excited to get back to running is my new running shoes that have given me that little extra push and ambition to find the energy to get off my butt during the day - the new Kinvara 3 from Saucony! With shoes this awesome, it makes me EXCITED to run and run IN THEM!
Recently, Saucony unveiled the all-new Kinvara 3, the third update to the brand’s award-winning natural motion running shoe. The Kinvara 3 weighs only 7.7 ounces (based on a men’s size 9)and is a performance training shoe with a 4mm heel-to-toe offset that positions the runner’s foot during impact in a way that creates a greater range of motion than traditional running shoes (with a 12mm heel-to-toe offset) for the Gastrocnemius-Soleus-Achilles tendon system, allowing for a more powerful running stride.

This shoe features so much technology, but yet so little shoe. They've redesigned the look of their most popular shoe, but kept the fit, feel and ride consistent with its predecessor. The upper now features FlexFilm™, a strong yet pliable material innovation that adapts to your foot and provides a lightweight, seamless feel. Inside the shoe, anatomically-contoured memory foam heel pods secure a perfect fit. 

In the midsole, ProGrid™ technology provides a unique blend of responsiveness and cushion, and the heel crashpad has been beveled for an even smoother ride as the runner transitions through the gait cycle. Finally, after examining wear patterns on hundreds of test shoes, the outsole was upgraded through the addition of placements of carbon rubber for enhanced durability.

Both my husband and I received a pair of Kinvara 3 shoes! I received the Women's purple and gray pair and my husband received the Men's blue and white pair! I love the colors they have available! They are fun and flashy and you are sure to find a pair that matches your running personality! :)

As a runner, I love how lightweight these shoes are! When I took them out of the box, my husband and I couldn't believe how light they were! These are by far the lightest running shoes I have ever seen that also have great cushioning!

However, just because they are lightweight doesn't mean the material isn't durable or comfortable! I have ran many miles in these shoes already and they still look brand new and still just as comfortable as the first time I slipped them on!

These shoes are pretty narrow so I do wish we would have got the wide pairs that are available for our wide feet but overall I love everything about these shoes and they have conformed to my feet the more miles I run in them! Both my husband and I run in these shoes frequently and have no complaints!

These shoes are lightweight but yet still have A LOT of support and width for good balance and stability. And they have a lot of support and width without being bulky and heavy!

The shoes really adapt to your feet and they have really thought of everything with this shoe! If you are looking for a lightweight but yet supportive running shoe, you have got to check out the Kinvara 3.

They say third time is the charm and I think that definitely applies to the Kinvara 3! They definitely got it right this time!

Buy It: You can purchase the Kinvara 3 at select specialty run retailers in men’s sizes 7-13, 14 and 15, and women’s sizes 5-12. The suggested retail price of the Kinvara 3 is $100. To find a retailer near you, call 800-365-4933 or visit www.saucony.com.

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* Thank you to Saucony for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


Angie Bailey said...

I was in physical therapy a while back and my therapist was wearing this brand of shoe and she noticed that another patient was also and she couldn't say enough good things about these shoes. She said that they were very comfortable with her being on her feet all day. I definitely need to check these out when I get my next pair.