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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Carry Anything with The Mighty Max Cart!

It is getting warm outside (slowly but surely by us!) and that means more outdoor activities like gardening, fishing, car work and yard work! A lot of times I know have wished for a nice heavy duty cart or some way to transport dirt, branches or leaves while doing yard work. My husband is currently working on an old 1951 Pontiac Chieftain and he has had to transport a heavy engine and was complaining he had to no way to get it around or anything to hold it.

I didn't think there was something out there that would help us both, but I was WRONG! As soon as I saw the Mighty Max Cart, I knew we had a dream transport system that would solve BOTH our problems!

The Mighty Max is just that - MIGHTY! It can carry, move, transport and support any task you have around the house, the office, the store, the plant, the garage, in the field, on the beach or at a special event like a tailgate party, sports activities, hunting, fishing, boating, or just about anywhere. The Mighty Max is “MIGHTY” and it will get the job done.

I absolutely LOVE how compact it is which makes it so easy to store or transport in a car, trunk or boat locker, but yet it is light enough for me to drag around or store by myself! Plus, it can hold up to 800 lbs!!! I couldn't believe it but it is true! That is what makes it perfect for helping my husband with his car work!

The Mighty Max is the Only Cart You’ll Ever Need and is backed by a lifetime warranty that provides you with the security knowing that this cart will be the only transport cart you’ll ever need! best of all, it is American made - I love supporting American companies!

I love the Mighty Max MM 800 B model that we received because it has the all-weather tub that rests on the Mighty Max Cart flatbed to make a sturdy "Dump Truck". It works great to carry leaves, dirt, equipment or MY SON! :) It is 6" deep and easily dumps loads where you want it.

I love the amazing space-age polymers that it is made of because it will last a lifetime and NEVER rusts and  NEVER needs painting.

As the summer heats up and you get outside to work on the yard, car, or you are just doing recreational activites like fishing or going to the beach, you are going to wish you had your very own Mighty Max Cart! So hurry over and get one BEFORE you wish you had one!

Buy It: You can purchase the Mighty Max MM 800 B for $149.00 on the Mighty Max Cart website

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