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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love Brings Back Memories!

Did you ever have one moment happen in your life that caused past memories to start flooding back to you? I know I have!

In the season finale of Chuck, Sarah and the good hearted hero find themselves sitting on a beach side by side. The married couple reminisces and share one final kiss as the scene fades. Some people speculate that her memories were starting to come back and that one kiss reminded her of all of her memories!

I truly believe that to be true and I believe that magical moments in a person's life can bring back suppressed memories! As a professional in the medical field, I have read about a lot of cases of amnesia and how a loved one or a special moment helps them recover suppressed memories! I believe that is happening with Sarah!

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Do you think her memories were starting to come back? Did that ‘one magical kiss’ succeed in kick starting Sarah’s memories?

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