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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Make Everyday Earth Day with CVS/pharmacy!

Earth Day was last month but I personally think we should treat EVERYDAY like Earth Day! We should work to preserve our Earth and environment daily by the way we live and act!

You can make a difference all year round by shopping for natural and organic paper products at CVS/pharmacy. What's even better is that they are affordable!

I got the privilege to try some of their eco-friendly products from their Earth Essentials line!

My favorites were the Bathroom Tissue and Paper Plates!

The Earth Essentials Bathroom Tissue is septic safe and made with 100% recycled content! It was a little thin for my liking but I love that it is not whitened with chlorine like most bathroom tissue. Plus it is made in the USA and I love to support USA made products and companies! Plus a 4-pack is available for just $3.49!

The Earth Essentials Paper Plates are a nice generous size (9 inches) and they are made from sugarcane. How cool is that?? Sugarcane is a natural renewable resource! Plus, they are nice and thick so foods don't leak through so that is already better than most other paper plates out there! Best of all, they are biodegradable and microwavable.

Feel free to check out to see more wallet-friendly natural and organic products from the Earth Essentials line! They really have a great selection of all popular paper products you use everyday and you really can make a difference by choosing eco-friendly and natural products like the products CVS/pharmacy offers!

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* Thank you to CVS/pharmacy for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*