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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toydozer Review and Giveaway

I love to see my son having a blast with his toys, especially when he is using his creativity to build with his LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, and Gears.

However, it can take FOREVER once it is time to clean up ALL THOSE PIECES...especially if your child is young like mine, his hands are small, and he can be a slowpoke picking them all up. It is always a lot more fun to DUMP them than it is to pick them UP, right?? :)

So what happens then?? Of course, mom has to come over, crouch down, and pick up EVERY. TINY. PIECE! I about dread it as much as my son does and I hate that I cringe whenever I here him dump out all the pieces when he is playing!

Let me tell you how happy I am that I never have to cringe or pick up toys piece by piece - EVER AGAIN! I now am the proud owner of the Toydozer and I couldn't be happier with it!

The Toydozer is composed of two parts. The “gatherer” is modeled after the blade of a bulldozer and the lightweight “scoop” is modeled after a bulldozer scoop.

It is so easy to use! Just hold on to the “gatherer” to collect small toys into the “scoop” and then dump the toys into their respective toy bins or containers! It is simple for BOTH kids and adults to use so parents DON'T have to be the only one cleaning quickly and efficiently!

It works perfectly to pick up my son's smaller toys - cars, LEGOs, blocks, and pretty much anything that has small pieces and is usually a pain to pick up by hand!

Not only is it a time saver, but it is fun for kids to use! They can make bulldozer noises as they scoop and dump their toys back into their storage bins. Clean up is fun again with the Toydozer!

If your child has lots of small toys and pieces or you tend to cringe a lot as your child plays throughout the day, then you NEED the Toydozer! Clean up won't be a chore for you or your child anymore!!

Learn more about Toydozer by visiting their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Buy It: You can purchase the Toydozer exclusively on the website and comes in three vibrant colors: purple, yellow and blue. The product retails for $18.99 and ships for free anywhere in Canada or the U.S.

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