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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Review: Big Sky Country


June 2012

“With engaging characters and lovable animals, this second story in the Creed Cowboys trilogy is a sure hit for the legions of cowboy fans out there.”
—RT Book Reviews on Creed’s Honor

Two hostile half brothers—one legitimate and one not—are each left half of their deceased father’s prosperous ranch, but even this sprawling estate isn’t big enough for these two feuding cowboys. They’re headed for one big final showdown—winner takes all. BIG SKY COUNTRY is the first book in the new series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller, set in Parable, Montana—where rugged cowboys and feisty cowgirls abound.

It’s the secret that’s not much of a secret in the small rural town of Parable, Montana—that County Sheriff Slade Barlow is the illegitimate son of wealthy rancher John Carmody. But Slade’s existence has never once been acknowledged by his father, who lavished all his resources and attention on his legitimate son, Hutch Carmody, while Slade grew up barely scraping by with his mother in a small trailer attached to her hair salon, the Curly Burly. With the town’s whispers fueling their hatred, Slade and Hutch have spent their whole lives brawling with each other.

So when the half brothers are notified upon their father’s passing that according to his wishes the very profitable Whisper Creek Ranch and the fortune that goes with it is to be divided equally between them, both are left stunned.

But Hutch has no plans of sharing anything with his half brother. After all, he’s the golden boy who’s been groomed since birth to become master of Whisper Creek and he’s determined to get his way. He makes Slade a whopper of an offer for his share of the ranch, but Slade is in no hurry to give in to Hutch, who’s always had everything handed to him on a silver platter, including the attention of the beautiful Joslyn Kirk, former town prom queen and spoiled brat who slunk out of Parable years ago in disgrace but now is back….

Parable is the one place Joslyn Kirk swore she’d never set foot in again. She was a self-centered little rich girl back then until her stepfather cheated everyone in town out of their savings and she and her mom were forced to slink out of Parable in the middle of the night like criminals. But Joslyn spent years working to secretly pay back—out of her own hard-earned money—everyone her stepfather had bamboozled. Now Joslyn is home to face the people she ran away from years ago. But people in Parable haven’t forgotten the past and aren’t so accepting.

Slade wants to convince Joslyn that she’s not responsible for her stepfather’s mistakes. She has nothing in her past to apologize for. But Slade isn’t so comfortable with his own family issues.

Why doesn’t he sell the ranch to Hutch? Is it because he wants to claim his birthright, or is he just making things difficult for his half brother? Either way, Hutch is going to force Slade’s hand. These cowboy brothers are heading for a final Wild West showdown in front of the whole town with everything riding on the outcome.

Check out this excerpt from the book:
She was one of the most emotionally balanced people he’d ever known, but he wondered sometimes how much of that was an act.
“Once or twice, when you were growing up,” she recalled now, her tone musing and a little distant, “John slipped me a few dollars for school—things like that—but I never thought he’d do this. Not for one moment.”
“He was full of surprises, I guess,” Slade said with a touch of irony.
“He was full of himself,” Callie said. “He was so afraid I’d up and name you after him and make the scandal worse than it already was, but when I called you ‘Slade,’ he said I’d been watching too many TV Westerns. I never bothered to tell him that I got your name from a story I read in Ranch Romances.
Slade smiled. She’d told him about the magazines she’d loved to lose herself in back in the day, and how she’d named him after one of her favorite heroes.
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My Opinion
I have always been a fan of Linda Lael Miller's other books so I was so excited to see she is coming out with another series! I love the Western settings for her books - who doesn't love a hot cowboy, right? :)

It was nice to dream with the characters about being millionaires and the love story between Jocelyn and Slade kept me wanting more! This is a true romance book!

This book was just as good as the others I have read by Linda Lael Miller and I literally read this book in one shot - I just didn't want to put it down! I am a sucker for characters that think they will never like/love each other but end up falling in love (that is the true story behind my husband and I!).  I can't wait to read the other book in the series (stay tuned for the review in August)!

If you like westerns, hot cowboys, and romance, grab Big Sky Country today and get it read so you can read the next book in the series coming out soon! :)

Buy It: You can purchase BIG SKY COUNTRY for $7.99 U.S./$9.99 CAN.

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