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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Contact Lenses vs. Glasses

Can you save money wearing contact lenses compared to glasses?

Contact lens wearers are on the rise as people reject glasses more and more, and opt for the more discreet way of dealing with their sight issues. It used to be that contact lenses were the expensive option, a luxury buy if that's what you decided to go for. But as demand has risen, you are now able to buy contact lenses from the internet for a fraction of the price.

When you buy contact lenses from opticians, it can work out as quite expensive. The cost of an eye test, your lenses, the solution and then the after care can all start adding up to a extortionate amount. Thanks to websites like you can find your exact prescription and lenses for much cheaper. Because of this, contact lenses are no longer the expensive option. Often glasses can end up being more expensive. This is for a few reasons one of which being, you have to choose the correct frame for your face. This is a tough decision, and one that must be the right decision.

Glasses are not just an accessory, they become a staple part of your face; something you wear all the time, whatever the weather and whatever the outfit. Prices usually range from just above the one hundred mark (for the more decent and quality ranges) upwards. Depending on if you like designer labels that can go up into the thousands, this is entirely your choice. You might think that once you have made this purchase, that is it; actually, over time, most peoples’ prescription changes. The slightest change in your prescription means that you have to have new lenses fitted into your glasses. This can end up being very costly in comparison to say, monthly lenses that you can get for $153.00 (or £99.58) per year.

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