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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feeding and Soothing Baby Products from tommee tippee

When I need safe, effective, and cute products for my children, I turn to tommee tippee! I have LOVED their bottles and sippy cups that I had my son use and they were always some of his favorites!

So when I needed some items for my baby girl, I immediately thought of tommee tippee!

Our favorite product is the closer to nature bottle and nipple cleaner! It seems like such a small thing, but when you don't have one or don't have a good one, washing bottles gets REALLY annoying and tiresome!

We absolutely LOVE this brush! It is by far the best one we have used in the three years since we had children! The wide reach bristles give maximum cleaning power and I love the nipple / spout cleaner that is incorporated in the handle for extra convenience and easy storage! It fits great in all our bottles and even helps clean some of our personal water bottles!

tommee tippee also offers some great feeding products including the explora feeding spoons and closer to nature Li'l sippee first cup. The award winning closer to nature® newborn feeding range includes sterilizers, bottles and feeding accessories and has been designed with breastfeeding moms and health professionals to help babies breastfeed for longer by making it easier for them to switch between breast and bottle and back again.

The Li'l sippee first cup is perfect for when my daughter switches to a sippee cup in a couple months! I love that the silicone soft top works without biting and that it has an integrated drip proof valve for goof-proof easy drinking! Most importantly, it is BPA free!

The feeding spoons are so great for my toddler son! I have been searching for spoons that have a bigger scoop so my son can take bigger bites now that he is such a good eater! These are perfect and he LOVES the colorful colors! The handles are the perfect size for him to eat easily and I love that once again, they are BPA free!

There are two other great products we also received: pacifiers and holders! The closer to nature pacifiers have been designed by a pediatric dentist for truly orthodontic soothing. The patented nipple flexes and stretches to support the roof of baby’s palate, helping to promote natural development of teeth.
The extra-wide closer to nature nipple works beautifully! It acts Jjust like mom, authentically flexing and stretching to mimic the look and feel of a natural breast.

The holders work perfectly with the pacifiers! They have flex and stretch connectors that are easy to wipe clean! They are designed to fit ringed soothers such as closer to nature clear soothers and plug soothers such as closer to nature air soothers!

If you are looking for great products for your baby or toddler, look no further than tommee tippee! They really take great care to make only the best products for your child from feeding to soothing from birth on!

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* Thank you to tommee tippee for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*