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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shoplet Esselte Folders Review

I think no matter what job you hold in life, staying organized is a MUST!

As always, has some awesome office supplies to keep us all organized! Today, I will be featuring products from the Esselte folders that are sure to help you stay organized no matter what you are organizing!!

My favorite product from Esselte is the Pendaflex Divide it Up File Folder. It is so useful when you have different papers from the same subject to keep separate but together! 

It's great because it divides them neatly into three sections, is easy to carry and the papers don't fall out because the sections are closed on two sides! It can hold up to 175 pieces of paper!! That's a lot which makes this file folder very durable!!

The Pendaflex Ready-Tab Lift Tab Reinforced Hanging Folders are another great product from Esselte. My husband files EVERYTHING so he definitely loved these colorful hanging folders! Not only do they hold a lot of important documents, but they can be color coordinated to differentiate different documents or even by person in your family!

I LOVE the built-in tabs because they can be easily lifted up or down to make filing set up faster and easier than other hanging folders we currently use! I have never seen that feature before with other hanging folders! You can write directly on the tabs or use included sticker labels so it makes organizing important files easier than ever...and can make my husband's OCD with filing even worse!! :)

The last awesome product from Esselte is the Esselte Esselte Copysafe File Jacket. I love this product because it is so unique but so useful for protecting important documents not only from damage, but from prying eyes!

It protects your important and confidential information with its unique printed design on its clear cover. I love that the clear cover allows YOU to know what documents are in there but DOESN'T allow OTHERS to read it! It also protects from damage because the file jacket is sealed on two sides to prevent documents from falling out. This file jacket is perfect for transporting sensitive, confidential, letter-size documents or storing in your existing filing systems because it is lightweight, wear-resistant, tear-resistant and moisture-resistant! If you have an important and private document to carry around with you, make sure to use this file jacket!

So next time you are looking to organize your office or home documents, check out these awesome items from Esselte on!

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