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Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Collection from Jockey Person to Person

There is nothing better than comfortable clothing that is cute too! Jockey Person to Person designs that type of clothing and I am a HUGE fan!

When I saw their new Spring/Summer Collection, I was dying to try some of their new clothing! They had all types of clothing for all types of occasions: casual, dressy and athletic! They even had a super cute and convenient wallet!

This collection is full of bright hues and beautiful layering pieces, perfect for mixing and matching. With these clothes, you’ll have the opportunity to create an endless amount of individual looks for every day. This season they’ve included even more extended size offerings, a gorgeous selection of denim and more patterns than ever.

I received a great selection of clothing from Jockey Person to Person's summer collection! I got a little bit of everything - straight leg jeans, long sleeve v-neck tee, their modern capri, the active figure 8 tank, the jersey skirt, and the awesome iconic leather wallet that I was eyeing from the beginning!

I got brave and decided to show you some of my favorites from Jockey Person to Person (even though I haven't quite lost the baby weight yet!). I just really wanted to show off these awesome pieces from their Spring/Summer collection!

The modern capri and active figure 8 tank (shown above on me) were SO COMFORTABLE! The capris are a little long for me, but they are really comfortable to wear and can be dressed down with the active figure 8 tank for exercising or dressed up with the long sleeve v-neck tee (below).

The active figure 8 tank was supportive in the chest (which is great for an exercising nursing mother!!) but had longer length which I love for keeping my stomach from showing and from the shirt riding up while running and exercising! It is tight so it is slimming but not too tight that I am uncomfortable! I love wearing both of these exercising and running!

The long sleeve v-neck tee was by far my favorite item from the catalog and that I received! The colors are really pretty and the shirt is EXTREMELY soft and comfortable! It fits like a glove and is so comfortable for wearing around the house or out on the town! I can't wait until Fall to wear this shirt!

I also REALLY love my new wallet!! It is so cute and chic but yet so good for organizing my purse!! I haven't had a new wallet in about 10 years so it was much needed and my purse is so much happier now! :) I love pulling it from my purse and knowing everything is organized and in one place. I no longer have to search for my checkbook, credit cards, coupons, or money all in different places!

The only advice I have when looking at and buying from this Jockey Person to Person collection is that they have very generous sizes! I was a size smaller than normal (even with the baby weight!) and even two sizes smaller on some items!

However, I LOVE the super cute clothing items and wallet I received and I definitely recommend their collection for everyone looking to stock up their Summer wardrobes with comfortable but cute clothing!!

Buy It: You can purchase all items from the Jockey Person to Person Summer Collection from a Comfort Specialist Consultant

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* Thank you to Jockey Person to Person for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


Unknown said...

You are adorable!! I know we all see the "baby weight" or the paunch on ourselves. But just know that others don't always see it ;)

What cute stuff! I always think of Jockey as undies!

Thanks for linking up with SASS this week!

Emily Meyers said...

Hey there! I found you via the hop and I’m your newest adoring follower! Maybe you could follow back? Also I’d just love for you to come check out a giveaway I’m having that ends tomorrow!! Hope to see you there!

Thanks so much!
Xo, Emily

Jayda said...

Thanks for joining SASS I hope to see you tonight again.

Thanks for the pictures. I love seeing closes on real people it always makes it seem more appropriate when I am judging clothes for myself as we are bombarded with stick figures always in the clothes not real women!

You looked great!