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Friday, June 22, 2012

There is a Pair of Dockers for Every Kind of Man!

If your husband, boyfriend, brother or Dad are anything like my husband, they go through dress pants like crazy! One day he will come home with a stain, a spill, or a rip on his pants!! Then he wants a new pair and we start the process all over again!

So every holiday, birthday or gift giving occasion, he asks for a new pair of dress pants! This year I granted his wish (and fulfilled my wish of never having to get him a new pair again) because I got him Dockers pants! They have quality made pants for every type of man!

I gave him three pairs of Dockers pants to try out (and try to keep clean!): Dockers Mobile Pocket Pant, Signature Khaki, and Advantage 365 Khaki! They fit ALL his personalities and he loved each pair for their unique qualities!

#1: For the ‘Gadget’ Man: The Dockers® Mobile Pocket Pant

My husband carries his phone on him AT ALL TIMES! He always complains he never has a good place to hold it so I knew he would love these Dockers® Mobile Pocket Pants. They combine the functionality of a cargo pant with the polish of a professional trouser. This style, offered in the relaxed fit for ease and comfort, houses a discreet, inseam pocket on the right leg to house a selection of men's favorite gadgets from cell phones to digital cameras—or even small golf supplies, like tee’s! I love the wide variety of colors available (khaki, navy, grey and black) and the ‘no-wrinkle’ finish! It creates must less work for me - no ironing, taking extra care after washing, etc!

I ended up being right and this pair was my husband's favorite! He loved the ingenious mobile pocket on the side that didn't take away the professional appearance of the pants themselves! He never has to stick his phone in his back pocket again (and worry about butt dialing!) or sit on his wallet and get a backache!!

This pair is sold for a suggested retail of $55.00 on and

#2 For the ‘Constant Man on the Go’: The Dockers® Signature Khaki

My husband is ALWAYS doing one thing or another - whether at work or at home! He can never just sit still! That is why I knew the The Dockers® Signature Khaki was another perfect pair of Dockers for him!  They are also great for the busy, traveling man because because these pants offer all the benefits of 100% cotton without the wrinkles! You never have to worry about having an iron on hand while traveling or opening up that hotel iron from the closet! These Signature Khaki are also machine washable but also fade-resistant with Color Bond, which means they will look newer, longer and are ready to throw on right out of the dryer—or even your suitcase.

They are also meant to fit men of all styles and sizes because they are available in a range of fits—from slim to relaxed for ease; with or without pleats—and a wide palette of colors! My husband loved his relaxed fit without pleated pants! These were his favorite for comfort but yet fit him so well and looked really professional! He can run around endlessly comfort!!

These Dockers® Signature Khaki are available at Kohl’s stores, on Kohl’, Macy’s stores, on and on as well for a suggested MSRP of $58.00.

#3 For the ‘Outdoor-Loving’ Man: The Dockers® Advantage 365 Khaki

Like I mentioned, my husband never sits still and always seems to get dirty....and that is because he works with cars and tools all day long! He is outside a lot and seems to get hot, sweaty, and dirty wherever he goes! That is why I got him his final pair: the Dockers® Advantage 365 Khaki. These combine total ease of care—with total ease of ‘no-worries’ wear and comfort. It features a permanent crease so it makes these pants perfect from 9am to 9pm no matter what your man does for a living or hobby! It can literally go from the office board-room to the “green” to date night, because it offers ‘Cool Effects’ moisture wicking technology, keeping Dad cool and dry over the course of the day.

My husband doesn't have to worry about sweating through his pants anymore or staining them because these pants also offer a built in spot-lifter technology and ‘no-wrinkle’ finish so this pant will have him looking his polished and professional best, despite where his day may take him!

This may be MY favorite pair because I don't have to waste my breath lecturing him about keeping his pants clean or staying inside when it is hot! Plus, he stays cool no matter what work he decides to do! These pants can take care of themselves and so can my husband now! Here's to hoping these pants will outlast all his past pairs! :)

This pair is offered with and without pleats and in a range of hues. The Dockers® Advantage 365 Khaki is carried by varying retailers including, with a suggested retail price of $55.00.

If your husband or man in your life loves supreme comfort, make sure to check out the Dockers® Soft Khaki - super soft to the touch and cut from a comfy, cotton twill. They are available at Macy’s Stores,, JC Penney stores,, and on, the suggested retail for the Soft Khaki is $55.00 .

And if your man is a jean-loving man, don't despair! Dockers makes a great pair for him too: the Dockers® 5 Pocket Khaki! Finally you can get him out of his ratty old jeans without having him sacrifice the comfort! The Dockers® 5 Pocket Khaki combines rugged khaki materials, colors and fabrics with timeless, 5-pocket jean styling and detailing. It is carried at JC Penney stores,, Kohl’s stores, and and ranges in price, depending on fabric, from $55.00 to $65.00.

So as you can see, Dockers has pants for every man, occasion, occupation, and hobbies! They have impressed my man (and me!) and I am sure they will fit and impress the men in your lives too! Get them a pair of Dockers today and make your man happy today! (And don't forget how much time it will save you too - no ironing, wrinkles, or stain lifting again...but you don't have to tell them that!)

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