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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let Amy's Give You the Night Off From Cooking!

There are just some days I just can't get myself to go into the kitchen and cook. I get really tired of thinking up a meal to have every day or making sure I have the ingredients to make a meal. 

I don't naturally LOVE to cook to begin with but I do love to make healthy, good meals for my family and put a smile on my husband's face every night after a long day at work. That is why I cook. 

However, what I am truly passionate about is organic food and feeding the healthiest, most natural and still delicious food to my family. Nothing makes me prouder as a wife and mother when I get compliments on my food and I know it is still nutritious, full of great organic foods, and helping my family stay healthy!

So what do I do when I am having a "no energy, no cooking" day? I turn to one of my favorite organic food companies - Amy's. They are always there for me with nutritious, organic and tasty food and my family loves these foods almost as much as the food I cook from scratch! :)

Amy’s offers over 170 products including gluten-free, dairy-free, low sodium and vegan options for those with special diets.

They have something for everyone: pizzas, entrees, burritos, veggie burgers, bowls, pot pies, snacks, cakes and much more that can be found in the frozen food section. They also have great soups, pasta sauces, salsas and beans.

They are totally committed to producing truly delicious, easily prepared meals made with natural and organic ingredients. They are perfect for busy, stressed out/stressful, or very tiring days when cooking is about the last thing in the world that you want to do!

They have such an amazing selection of foods for all diets, taste buds, and family members! We love so all of their food but we have some favorites including their pizza, burritos, soups and pocket sandwiches!

My son got the chance to try the Broccoli & Cheese Pocket Sandwich the other day at Grandma's house and it was the first time he ever had one. He usually eats the burritos from Amy's for a quick meal but I decided to change it up and see how he liked the pocket sandwiches. 

As you can see from the pictures, he LOVED it. And I LOVED that it was a quick but still nutritious and delicious meal that was easy to travel with and was filling for my growing boy! 

Every food we have tried from Amy's has been delicious and nutritious and I highly recommend all their food for all families! They are easy to find in a lot of stores so they are always the first brand I search for when shopping!

Let Amy's give you a break from cooking this summer without any guilt! 

Do you ever WANT or NEED to take the night off from cooking? WHY?  
What is your go-to meal when you do? 

Buy It: You can purchase all Amy's organic products at local stores near you

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