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Monday, July 23, 2012

Five Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Kitchen!

One of the largest parts of living eco-friendly and organically is being eco-friendly in the kitchen!

Today I wanted to share some easy tips to help you be more eco-friendly when you are cooking up a storm in your house!

5 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tips

1. Always Shop Locally.
I got to visit our local farmer's market on Saturday for the first time and I LOVED IT! There was even a local organic farmer who sold really tasty BBQ sauce in fun flavors like apple, pear, and maple. Part of living and cooking in an eco-friendly way is always trying to buy locally and organically grown produce at farmers' markets, farm stands and food co-ops. You get fresher fare, support your community and help reduce fuel waste and emissions from long-distance shipping. Plus, you know where you are getting your food from and how it was grown!

2. Recycle
Since we added our designated recycling container in our house, we have significantly increased the amount of recycling we do! We make sure to stick cleaned-out cans, jars, plastic bottles, pizza boxes and even used tin foil in our recycling container and take it to the curb on recycling day.

3. Grill it
With summer here, grilling is a great eco-friendly alternative to cooking indoors! Outdoor grills take less energy than your stove and keep heat out of the house, reducing costly strain on your AC.

4. Reduce waste.
It is amazing how much "waste" Americans waste! You can save on wasting things in your house by buying in bulk, picking fresh ingredients and looking for products with limited — or at least recyclable — packaging. You can also switch to cloth napkins or buy paper towels and napkins labeled "recycled," "unbleached" and/or "post-consumer waste."

5. Cook Responsibly
Cooking responsibly means using eco-friendly cookware and kitchen utensils. One of my favorite eco-friendly cookware companies is GreenPan from Todd English. The GreenPan collection with Thermolon non-stick technology is the first completely PTFE-free non-stick cookware utilizing revolutionary Thermolon technology, which is PFOA-free in manufacturing, and FDA compliant. The GreenPan collection is a great eco-friendly option because, since it is PFOA-free, it does not leave any imprints on our environment. 

I am the proud owner of the GreenPan with Thermolon Jumbo 13" Round Electric Skillet. This electric skillet handles culinary excursions from slow cooking to fast frying with a number of delicious stops in between. It makes an excellent secondary cooking surface when you don't have a free stovetop burner or a great way to keep your food warm at the table. And the best of all, the Themolon nonstick provides easy food release for stick-free serving, too.

It is a versatile 13" electric skillet that is ideal for shallow frying, braising, roasting and boiling. It is perfect for cooking up rice, seafood, steak, pizza and more!

It has an embedded heating element for even and efficient heat distribution and 5 heating settings with a 266- to 446-degree temperature range!

  • Heat Setting 1 - Keep warm
  • Heat Setting 2 (Approx. 266-320 degrees) - Slow cooking
  • Heat Settings 3 & 4 (Approx. 302-410 degrees) - Perfect for cooking pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon
  • Heat Setting 5 (Approx. 410-446 degrees) - Use to prepare grilled foods, baking pizza and other high-temperature cooking

So, in your journey to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, remember these great tips while you are cooking up a storm in your kitchen!!

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* Thank you to GreenPan for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


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