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Friday, July 20, 2012

Never Worry About a Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Again!

Did You Find the Out the Gender of Your Children Before They Were Born???

It is definitely a personal choice, but with both my pregnancies I found out at 20 weeks with an ultrasound. I am not very good with surprises and I like to be prepared...I just couldn't wait until 40 weeks to find out!!! I needed to be mentally prepared for whatever gender it was ahead of time and I have never regretted my choices. 

However, many people don't find out the gender because they like the surprise and don't mind not knowing ahead of time. My mom never found out with any of her EIGHT children (except for the last one) and she liked it that way! 

The only challenge with not knowing is you never know what gender of clothing and baby accessories to buy...especially if you are going to a baby shower of someone who doesn't know the gender. There are some gender neutral baby things out there but sometimes they aren't as cute (in my opinion) as some gender specific items....

That is until Twotara showed up on the scene!

Twotara, Inc. was born out of the frustration of buying uninspired gender neutral gifts. With 40% of expectant parents not learning the sex of the baby until birth--the Twotara clothing line has your baby covered! This premier product line is redefining the newborn, gender neutral market with garments that are pink on one side, blue on the other.

They named their company after the TUATARA which is a chameleon-like lizard - native to New Zealand - that changes colors over time. Since their garments also "change colors" to best serve your changing needs, they thought the name is a perfect fit. Change the TUA to TWO - since all of our garments are two-in-one-and their name and philosophy were born!

I received two great items from Twotara: the Footie and Booties. I instantly loved the cute material and the circle design! The cute little pockets on the back of the footie are also so cute and the booties were perfect for keeping my little girl's toes warm with the air conditioning on this summer!

As you can see, the footies easily switch from blue to pink depending on if the mother has a girl or boy! These make a great gift for anyone who is waiting to find out because newborns live in footies the first few months and they are super cute too!

These footies easily switch from blue to pink the minute you find out if it is a girl or boy! No new wardrobe is needed - just flip them around depending on what color you want!

These footies are pretty thick material so they would make a really great gift for a winter baby!!

The booties were my favorite because they are just so cute and can be great for winter or summer for baby's feet. Babies can get easily chilled in the winter cold or summer air conditioning and socks NEVER stay on! These booties easily switch from pink to blue again and easily adjust by a button for two different sizes!

These booties seem to run a little small so get these on your babies in the early weeks for most use!

So if you are looking for the perfect shower gift for the pregnant woman who doesn't know the gender of her baby, look no farther than Twotara clothing and accessories! It will be the hit of the baby shower and everyone will love how genius it is!!

Buy It: You can purchase all Twotara products from the Twotara Online Shop

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