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Monday, July 9, 2012

Make A Better Choice with Hormel Natural Choice!

It's summer which means a lot of sandwiches, grilling, and BLT's! I have the perfect brand to tell you about that fits all those food categories and does it without any harmful chemicals, artificial ingredients and preservatives!

Hormel is a very well known brand but thankfully they have recently started offering a more healthy, natural brand of products: Hormel® Natural Choice®. I love when I see large companies start to become more aware of the harmful ingredients in their products and take action to create healthier, safer and more natural products for consumers! Hormel has done that and I am proud to support them!

The Hormel Natural Choice products are gluten free, have zero preservatives and are 100 percent natural with no artificial colors or flavors, and no added nitrites or nitrates, leaving only great taste. The line contains delicious, premium deli sandwich meat, carved chicken breast, bacon, Canadian bacon, and pork loin filet. New chicken and smoked sausage products were also recently released. They are also offering more eco-friendly packaging using a recyclable outer packaging in distinctive brown and green earth tones.

The meats also contain No added MSG or Nitrates/Nitrites and that is huge!!

My husband really enjoyed the Deli Sandwich meats, especially the Smoked Deli Turkey and Oven Roatsted Deli Turkey for making delicious sandwiches for lunches! They are offering a REALLY great selection of all your favorite sandwich meats but in a healthier, more natural version!

We also really enjoyed the Original Bacon (especially since it has no nitrates/nitrites!) on our BLT's! This is my favorite summer meal and I was so happy to make it for our family with this natural bacon!

We also made another one of my favorite meals with the Grilled Carved Chicken Breast - Fajitas!! They were delicious and I love that the chicken was already pre-cooked so I just had to warm it up and throw it in with the other fajita ingredients! It made making dinner fast AND delicious!!

Their NEW Chicken Sausage is perfect for grilling this summer and they have some really unique flavors to choose from including Apple Gouda, Spinach Asiago, and Jalapeno Cheddar!

If you LOVE meat but don't like what most companies put into their meats to preserve them and give them flavor, then you have got to check out the new Hormel Natural Choice line! They offer a WIDE range of popular meat products but without the harmful chemicals, ingredients and preservatives other may have in them!

Buy It: You can purchase all Hormel Natural Choice products at many local retailers. Check out their product locator to find a specific item near you!

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* Thank you to Hormel for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*