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Friday, July 20, 2012

Keep Your Child Learning (And Having Fun!) This Summer!

Right now, I am working with my son on learning his letters, numbers, and shapes and learning the difference between lower case and upper case letters.

He does a lot of tracing sheets where he practices writing his letters and numbers. One of his favorite writing activities to do is to write with a dry erase marker on a plastic sheet protector. He loves to wipe off his tracings and coloring and trace again and again. I then keep all his alphabet and number sheets that he traced in a 3-ring binder along with the plastic sheet protector. It makes it really easy to just pull out the binder and it has everything he needs to practice writing.

Tracing on Plastic Protector
Easily Erases So They Can Do It Again!
This summer I am a little less strict with him practicing his letters and numbers but he does other fun learning activities instead! His newest favorite "toy" (that really is educational!) that helps him keep practicing his letters is Smart Snacks Alpha Pops from Learning Resources.

They are a fun learning tool that are little Popsicle-shaped objects with upper case and lower case letters on them. My son loves finding the matching letters and colors and "sticking" them back together!

They are double-sided to include all 26 letters. I love this because it creates less toys (which equals less mess!) but it still covers the whole alphabet!

They also get matched by color along with letter. To me, this is a good and bad thing. For younger children, it is a good thing because it helps them learn color recognition along with their letters. But for older and more advanced children who have mastered their colors and really need to learn their letters, it is kind of a downfall. My son only matches these by color instead of working on his letters so he isn't working on his letters like he should.

However, these Alpha Pops are also great for practicing fine motor skills (by putting them together) and fun imaginative play! My son loves to pretend with these Alpha Pops in his kitchen set!

If you are looking to keep your child's brain and fine motor skills working this summer despite the break from school, try out these fun Smart Snacks Alpha Pops! Your children won't even realize they are learning because they will be having too much fun!

What are your favorite learning activities for your child this summer? 

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