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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Put a Smile on Your Grad's Face With The Gift of Smiley Cookies!

We all know teenagers like to eat! That is why food, especially cookies and treats, make a GREAT grad gift for your graduate this year! You can't go wrong with something that tastes good, puts a smile on their face, and is sweet!

That's why I recommend giving a great Smiley Cookies' online cookie gifts. They are fresh-made, hand-iced customized cookies and they put a smile on any recipient's face because they are smiling right back at them! 

I am a huge fan of Smiley Cookies and love that they not only taste good but they look so happy as you eat them! :)

You can tell your grad how happy you are for them with my favorite item from Smiley Cookies: the Big Smiley Cookie - A 12 inch Ready-to-Share Gourmet Sugar Cookie! It would make a great alternative to a grad cake because it is nice and big to share with all family and friends at the celebration party!
If you don't think your grad wants to share, then make sure to get them custom cookie gifts in the colors of your graduates' school that adds a personal touch to your gift. These cookies melt in your mouth, have a little crunch and are so sweet. I doubt they will last long! :)

So don't fret anymore about what you are going to serve at the grad party for treats or desserts or what you are going to give your grad. If they like to smile and eat, Smiley Cookies are the perfect gift! :)

Buy It: You can purchase all Smiley Cookies treats on the Smiley Cookie website.

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