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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Put That Hose Where It Belongs!!

Garden hoses are an important tool for maintaining a beautiful backyard and garden, but attractively storing them can be a challenge. I have used my hose everyday to water my garden since we were in a major drought for most of the summer. I admit I am not the best at putting the hose away after using it and it can majorly detract from the beauty of our yard and garden!

However, I recently received the CobraCo® Moderne Steel Hose Holder and Lid Set and now I know my husband is secretly REALLY HAPPY because I have no excuse now to NOT put away the hose! This Hose Holder is so modern, stylish and easy to use...I have to admit, I have no excuses left for not putting away the hose!

Steel hose holders, like the one I received, provide sturdy rust-resistant quality with the widest selection of shapes and styles. From the sleek polished steel look to powdered coated models that are available in virtually any color, steel provides a quality product at an affordable price.

With its smooth, powder-coated steel exterior, the CobraCo® Moderne Steel Hose Holder and Lid Set is a stylish storage container with a matching lid. As a hose holder, it holds up to a 150 foot garden hose. As a decorative container, it can store many household items such as magazines, newspapers, potted plants, and kindling. The simple, contemporary look of the Moderne Steel Hose Holder and accompanying lid is sure to add modern style wherever it is used.

I LOVE how the center post guides the hose for easy coiling and uncoiling. It is also multi-functional because you can also remove the center post for storage of other household items. They are perfect for use indoors or out and can be used to hold firewood, magazines, blankets, or any other item you need to store.

CobraCo. also offers copper hose holders that combine the beauty of copper with the functionality of a CobraCo® hose holder. These holders can be polished and maintained to keep their warm copper beauty, or they can also be allowed to develop a beautiful patina finish from the effects of weathering, adding an aged, weathered beauty to your hose holder.

Need Some Inspiration? Check out the NEW Hose Holder Inspiration Gallery for some great ideas of how to use a CobraCo holder for decorative purposes - beyond an outdoor garden hose holder. The uses for a CobraCo Hose Holder are limited only by your imagination!

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* Thank you to Avant Garden Decor for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*