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Friday, August 24, 2012

Don't Throw Away Scratched DVDs, Just Fix 'em! & Giveaway

I don't know about you but I truly hate when one of my favorite DVDs or CDs gets scratched. I hate the skipping, pausing and stopping that happens after awhile. It kills me to throw them away...

Well, now I never have to throw my scratched DVDs and CDs because I can fix them!! I know you want to know how, so I will share my secret...

SkipDr for DVD & CD Disc Repair System from Digital Innovations!

Digital Innovations (DI) is your premiere source for home electronics accessories, care and maintenance. They are known as industry leaders in screen cleaning, laser lens cleaning and disc repair. DI is also proud to offer patent-pending shielding from laptop computer radiation. DI believes in breakthrough innovation and creative solutions to meet consumers' ever-evolving needs.

The SkipDr for DVD & CD Disc Repair System is by far my favorite product from DI! Like I mentioned, it fixes scratched discs to eliminate skipping, freezing and distortion. It is recognized throughout the industry as the smartest solution for repairing DVD, CD, Wii™, XBOX™ and data discs.

So how does it work?? Well, the patented FlexiWheel™, with its unique microfrictional surface, uniformly repairs damaged discs without losing data. It fixes scratches that cause a DVD or CD disc to skip, freeze, distort or otherwise fail to play. The motorized repair process smoothes surface scratches to renew the disc's protective layer, leaving disc data unaffected.

I was so excited to try out the SkipDr on my favorite workout DVD. It has been skipping and stopping for minutes at a time in the middle of my workout (and driving me CRAZY!!!) so I couldn't wait to fix it!

You can see how scratched this DVD is. I was so nervous to try the SkipDr. I didn't want it to get worse or unwatchable!

We started off by spraying it with the Rejuvenating Fluid.

We then stuck the DVD in the SkipDr and let it get it to work! We allowed it two full rotations, buffed it and then tried it in the DVD player. Sadly, it was still skipping and stopping! I was so disappointed but I knew how deep the scratches were so I decided to try again.

I went through all the steps again and tried the DVD again. This time it DIDN'T skip during the actual workout part (which is all I really cared about!) It did have some slight stopping/skipping during the warm up and I bet if I would have did the steps at least one more time, it would have completely fixed it! So I am overall pretty happy with the SkipDr. Just keep in mind, if it doesn't work the first time, try it again. Deep scratches can take a couple times to work!

The patented FlexiWheel repairs up to 25 discs and works gently enough to safely repair the same disc multiple times. It Includes: Disc repair device with patented FlexiWheel™, SkipDr® Rejuvenating Fluid, blue drying cloth, felt buffing square, 6 AA batteries, instructions

A couple of my other favorite items from Digital Innovations is the Portable LapGuard with Radiation Sheilding Technology, the ScreenDr and the SecureMount Portabvle DVD Player Vehicle Mount

The Radiation Shielded Lapdesk / Laptop Cooling Pad protects you and your family from laptop radiation and heat.

Recent reporting suggests that radiation emitted from Wi-Fi enabled laptop computers may be harmful to your reproductive system. Whether you are male or female, enjoy peace of mind and comfort with a Digital Innovations Portable LapGuard™. It features patent-pending technology to shield your sensitive reproductive organs from laptop radiation and heat.
  • Dual whisper-quiet fans help keep the laptop cool for maximum performance and longevity
  • Sleek design provides exceptional comfort in a light, ultra-portable package
  • Includes: Portable LapGuard with Radiation Shielding Technology
  • System Requirments: Laptop computer, available USB port

The ScreenDr Professional is a Electronics Screen Cleaning System and safely cleans all electronics screens & displays! With little grimy toddler and infant fingers all over my laptop screen all day, I NEED THIS!

With its patent-pending StorDry™ bottle, antibacterial microfiber cloth and advanced streak-free formula, the ScreenDr® Pro 5oz. Screen Cleaning System is a must-have accessory for laptops and touch screen devices like tablets, e-readers and smart phones. Safe and effective for all electronic devices, no other screen cleaner can come close to matching the features and benefits of ScreenDr Pro. This is how to clean laptop, tablet and e-reader screens!

  • Patent-pending StorDry design stores the cloth inside the bottle's vented cap to keep it clean, dry, mildew-free and always available when you need it
  • Ammonia and alcohol-free formula safely and thoroughly removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from any screen with no streaking
  • Anti-static properties help keep dust away to maintain brilliant screen clarity between cleanings
  • Abrasion-free, machine washable and antibacterial microfiber cloth won't scratch delicate screens
  • Includes: 5oz. ScreenDr® Screen Cleaning Solution, StorDry™ bottle and 8" microfiber cloth

The SecureMount™ Portable DVD Player Vehicle Mount is the best way to quickly, easily and safely secure a portable DVD player, laptop or netbook in your vehicle so that your family can enjoy their favorite movies on the go. The mount easily installs in virtually any vehicle that has adjustable front seat headrests.

I know from experience how annoying it is to try and hold portable DVD player for a 12 hour trip. There is always someone complaining they can't see or hear or all the kids are fighting over who gets to or has to hold the DVD player. This DVD player vehicle mount solves all those problems!!

It allows for quick, easy installation setup and removal and is universally compatible to work with all brands of portable DVD players and laptops up to 10.2" screen sizes!

It is engineered for travel stability, perfect for shared passenger row visibility. It includes: SecureMount™ Portable DVD Player Vehicle Mount and instructions

If you are looking for innovative electronics products that can help make your life easier and save you money, check out all the great products from Digital Innovations!

Buy It: You can purchase all Digital Innovations products on the Digital Innovations website or at local electronics retailers like Best Buy, RadioShack, etc. 

Win It: Digital Innovations is generously offering (1) ScreenDr and SkipDr to a lucky winner!

Enter here for a chance to win:
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