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Monday, August 27, 2012

Find the Perfect Pacifier for Your Baby & Giveaway

One of the biggest reasons parents shy away from using pacifiers with their babies is that they are scared of teeth and jaw damage from pacifiers. I know with my first child, that is exactly why I took away his pacifier when he turned one. I didn't want any damage to his teeth from sucking and it would only be harder to take away the pacifiers after a year.

If you are worried about your babies' teeth and jaw development in correlation with pacifier use, HAVE NO FEAR! MAM Perfect is here to save the day (and your baby's teeth!).

Independent scientific and medical research has shown that there is a direct correlation between pacifier usage and baby’s jaw and teeth development. Right from the start, even before the first teeth become visible, parents should choose a pacifier that supports bite development. The general rule of thumb says: the thinner, softer, and more adaptable the nipple neck is, the better for jaw and teeth.

MAM Perfect is a premium pacifier that satisfies baby’s natural sucking reflex with a thinner, softer nipple. Thanks to Dento-Flex®, the MAM Perfect’s nipple neck is 60% thinner and 3 times softer and more adaptable than standard pacifiers! Nothing gets in the way of healthy dental development!

With only 2.28mm, the nipple neck is by far the thinnest available (27 models tested). The nipple is 3 times softer and more adaptable than that of standard pacifiers of other manufacturers (13 models tested).

I love the fun designs available and they come in either 0-6 month or 6+ months sizes.

They also come in a super nice self-sterilizing box. It is great for keeping the pacifier clean when traveling and you can quickly microwave it in this box for sterilization!

You can see the difference in nipple shape and size between MAM Perfect and another brand. The MAM Perfect is on the left. It has a much thinner nipple at the base and a much different shape.

I have had the hardest time with my daughter finding a pacifier she does not choke or gag on! I don't think she will ever be much of a pacifier taker but I would love to have one she keeps in her mouth for times she needs soothing or to sit quietly (church!). Up to now, she either spits the pacifier out right away or gags on it! I have been so frustrated trying pacifier and pacifier!

I had a good feeling about the MAM Pacifier because of the thinner shape! I thought it would fit her mouth better and I was right! My daughter actually kept this pacifier in her mouth right away and sucked on it contently for a few minutes! NO CHOKING OR GAGGING EVER!

Another great product from MAM is the Anti-Colic Bottle. It is a unique baby bottle designed to reduce the stress associated with newborn feedings and reduce colic symptoms in babies by 80%.

They have so many great features!

First off, they have a vented base for quiet drinking and even flow! The ventilation holes help eliminate bubbles and foaming which can help reduce colic by 80%!

It also features an extra soft teat for an easy switch between Mom and MAM. The nipple feels so silky-soft and good - that's what makes the MAM Silk Teat® unique!

My favorite feature is the self sterilizing function! The sterilizing Anti-Colic bottle can be taken apart in 3 easy steps. They can be sterilized in the microwave – quick and easy without a separate sterilizer. Also ideal for on the go!

If you are looking for an easy to use, easy to clean and a bottle that reduces colic, look no further than the Anti-Colic bottle from MAM!

Buy It: You can purchase all MAM Baby products from a local retailer.

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* Thank you to MAM & Child's Play PR for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


Robyn said...

Those pacifiers are adorable.

the Warrens said...

Love this brand

Unknown said...

I just created a Mommy blog. MAM is one of the top three items I can't live without.

Fantastic paci's. My favorite are the glow in the dark paci's. So fantastic when Sleep Training!