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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Check Out My Favorite Newman's Own Organics Products & Win Them!

Since we decided to live and eat organically as possible, we have had a lot of people question and wonder about what organic food is and what it means to eat "organically". 

I think the best way to explain how and what we eat in our organic lifestyle is the way Newman's Own Organics explains it with their tagline...

"Great tasting food that happens to be organic."

Organic food is no different than regular food in taste except it is healthier, more nutritious and safer for all people! And most of the time, organic food tastes BETTER! (in my opinion!). I love when I make a super delicious meal that is also organic - it is the greatest feeling as a wife and mother to please my family's palate and bodies!

Newman's Own knows this better than anyone because they have created a wide array of delicious foods that also happen to be organic!

They focus on the kinds of products they loved as kids, but take them one step further by using the highest quality of available organic ingredients.

But believe me, 'organic' will be the last thing you think of when you try their tasty Pretzels, Chocolate Bars, Fig Newmans™, Family Recipe Cookies, Chocolate Cups, Newman-O's, Pop's Corn, Alphabet Cookies , Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar, Dried Fruit , Hermits, Mints, Licorice, Coffee and Royal Tea. They're just so good!

Just look at the amazing selection of foods they sent me for review! It is so hard to pick four favorite items (I literally sat and stared at them all forever (and ate them, of course!) trying to pick my favorite!) because you get a chance to win my four favorites!!!

I tried to pick some "adult" favorites and also some of their products that you could feel great giving to your children as snacks! I know my son LOVES Newman's Own Organics Alphabet cookies and dried fruit!

Let's start with the dried fruit! I absolutely LOVED their Prunes! They were so moist and sweet and I had to hold myself back from eating the whole bag in one sitting!

Now if you aren't a prune fan then make sure to try their other varieties of dried fruit! Newman's Own Organics recently introduced 3 new items to their line of organic dried fruits! In addition to the current dried fruits Raisins, Cranberries, and Pitted Prunes, they now have Apples, Apricots and a Berry Blend. The dried fruit line is 100% organic and contains no sulfites.

Now when my husband saw these Chocolate Cups, his eyes turned to saucers and he turned to me with those puppy dog eyes begging to open them up! :)

I, of course, wanted them just as bad so we ripped into them and devoured WAY TOO MANY! I absolutely LOVE the Caramel Cups and he LOVED the Peanut Butter Cups! You would never know these are organic - they melted in my mouth and were the perfect size for a sweet snack!

With three cups per 1.2 ounce package, there are five flavors to choose from: Peanut Butter in Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate, a delicious Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cup and a rich Caramel cup rounding out the selection in either Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate. All five carry Rainforest Alliance Certification. Both Caramel cups carry the USDA Seal.

One of my son's favorites (he insists on one after every dinner!) is the Alphabet Cookies! He loves to see what letter he will get and I just tell myself he is learning when he eats these! :)

They recently introduced Vanilla Alphabet Cookies but they are also available in Cinnamon Graham and Chocolate. I love how they have a resealable sticker to close the bag and keep away from little children's fingers (when you aren't looking!) :)

My last (unexpected) favorite is the Licorice! I am not usually a licorice fan but the minute I smelled and tasted the licorice from Newman's Own Organics, I HAD to try them! They were just as good as they smelled! I love the New SOUR Licorice Line! I have always been a sour fan so that adds a great twist to these Twists! :) They aren't too sour so they will appeal to everyone! The flavors are SO GOOD and the licorice isn't too hard to hurt my teeth or jaw!

Newman’s Own Organics is proud to offer the first sour licorice twist made with organic ingredients! Licorice twists are the most popular kind of licorice candy and the organic sugar and sour crystals, derived from natural citrus sources, on the surface of the twists provides the special taste for the four tantalizing new flavors: Sour Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Sour Mango and Sour Apple. With the popularity of the regular twists in Black, Strawberry, and Pomegranate, they felt our customers would also enjoy the chance to try these sour ones that offer a different taste experience.

If you are looking to make the switch to healthier, organic foods, definitely start with the awesome selection of foods from Newman's Own Organics! You will not even realize the switch...except for the fact that your body will be happier and I bet you will even like some of these organic products BETTER than others in the mainstream market!

Buy It: You can purchase all Newman's Own Organics products at a local retailer near you

Win It: Newman's Own Organics is generously offering (1) Newman's Own Organics Favorites Package (including Licorice, Chocolate Cups, Alphabet Cookies, and Dried Fruit) to a lucky winner!

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* Thank you to Newman's Own Organics for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


Tracy R said...

I follow you on Google+ as Tracy Robertson. Thanks!

Dan Mihaliak said...

I want to go totally organic but the high cost of organic products makes me feel like I can't afford them. Usually there aren't coupons for organic products either.