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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book Review and Giveaway: Railroad Hank

My son absolutely LOVES reading books! I think that if he had the chance he would sit, read and look at books for hours at a time! He can learn the words to a book after only having me read it one time to him and then he "reads" it over and over with his own little twists to the story! :)

The latest book he has memorized and loves to "read" is Railroad Hank by Lisa Moser!

Railroad Hank is headed up the mountain in his fine little train to see Granny Bett. She's feeling kind of blue. Along the way, he stops to talk to Missy May, Country Carl, Cinnamon Cobbler, and Reel-'Em-In Sam. Each friend offers up something to cheer Granny Bett, but Hank has bigger ideas. By the time he reaches the mountaintop, his train is bursting with crazy cargo! And Granny Bett has a great idea for what to do with it all.

Equal parts country charm and quirky fun, RAILROAD HANK is the tale of how far one determined man will go to cheer up a friend. Hank, with the help of his trusty train, wanders the countryside and enlists his neighbors in his quest to find a way to bring a smile to Granny Bett’s face. Lisa’s trademark humor is laced throughout, and readers will laugh together over Hank’s many goodhearted blunders – from uprooting an apple tree to get crispy red apples to scooping up all the water from Reel-‘Em-In Sam’s pond to bring fish to Granny Bett.

Enhanced by Benji Davies’ bold and colorful artwork, RAILROAD HANK will remind you of the power of the simple things in life and the unbreakable bond of friendship.

This book was a fun read and my son loved the funny little antics throughout the book! By the end of the book, he was laughing out loud! I loved watching him smile as I read through the book!

If you are looking for a fun little book for your child with a great message, then check out Railroad Hank!

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