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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet The Most Unique Fish Tank Out There!

I have a REALLY FUN and UNIQUE kid's product to share with you today! I have never seen anything like it before and I have never seen my son's eyes light up quite like they did when he saw his new Elephant Teddy Tank.
Teddy Tank is a fun and interactive Kids Pet Product. It’s a combination of a plush animal, fish tank, nightlight and so much more (a lot of bang for your buck!). You can feed it through the mouth, dress it up (velcro bows) and talk to it (voice recorder).

This entertaining product allows kids to imagine that Teddy Tank is coming to life! They can enjoy caring for a low maintenance Betta Fish and have tons of fun with all the interaction Teddy Tank creates. Moreover, it has many uses, such as a fish tank, candy bowl, coin bank, nightlight, and many other uses.

I absolutely love the Elephant Teddy Tank we received and how many uses it has! I love that it's stomach is a fish bowl and you can feed it through the mouth! Every child would want this fish bowl in their room and my son is in the front of the line! He wanted this Elephant Teddy Tank immediately in his room and he loved recording his voice and telling the Elephant he loved him and then listening to it over and over!

He also loved dressing up the Elephant with his different bow ties and the different color rocks!

The Elephant head is easy to take off and put on when emptying and filling the fish bowl. If you don't want fish, you can use it as a bank, nightlight, or candy jar. 

There is so many awesome accessories to get with the Teddy Tank including the awesome fish net (which we have needed so many times before when we had fish!), decorative plant, nightlight, voice recorder, acrylic gravel, bow packages, decorative fish background, Betta fish food, Dechlorinator and so many choices of what animal you want (elephant, bear, frog, monkey, etc).

I have never seen something with so many fun options and uses!

If you want a unique toy for your child, then the Teddy Tank is definitely the way to go! It is the most unique fish bowl I have ever seen and it will decorate any child's room along with adding a nightlight, talking friend, and dress up partner!

Buy It: You can purchase a Teddy Tank for $39.99 on the Teddy Tank website.

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* Thank you to Teddy Tank for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


Teddy Tank said...

"Tank" you for writing an amazing reviewing about the Teddy Tank! We are so happy that you and your son enjoyed the Teddy Tank!