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Thursday, August 9, 2012

D.I.Y. Alternative Gift Guide

So it’s your mum’s/dad’s/sister’s/grandad’s/hamster’s birthday and you need to get them a present but have run out of ideas? Don’t panic, this article will hopefully give you some inspiration for presents you can make yourself and will be extra-special due to their handmade nature. All it takes is a little imagination and you can create gifts that are inexpensive but incredibly personal and treasured..

Shopping. Chances are you will already have looked in your local shopping centre and had a search online but you are still stumped. With so many different products out there it is easy to feel overwhelmed or that the items on offer just aren’t quite right. But have a look again, this time focusing on more independent shops that are not part of a chain. Look for charity shops or those selling used or antique items. You may find the perfect gift there with only the wrapping left to be done. However, anything that catches your eye is good and with a little work can be transformed into something truly spectacular.

Examples include bits of jewellery that can be combined to create unique necklaces or small trinkets that with the right material can be turned into a stunning pendant. Don’t be afraid to spray paint items either; gaudy colours or boring grey can be transformed into glittering gold or bright statement colours that say something about the person you are giving it to. Just remember to prepare the material appropriately, normally by giving it a quick sand and then using a decent sealing coat afterwards.

Another idea is to look out for a patterned cup and saucer, these come really cheaply at charity shops and you can find some really interesting designs. Once you have one, create a candle by melting wax and filling the cup whilst dipping in a wick. This is really easy to do and further instructions can quickly be found on the web, including how to make it scented. The result is a unique present that will be doubly appreciated because of the work you put into making it – just don’t confess how easy it was to do!

Finally, look around the house and see what left overs you have. I have seen friends make amazing items out of cork left over from wine bottles. If you start saving now then you will soon have enough to make entire boards or a collection of quirky place name holders. By adding extras such as painted frames or a bit of card it is easy to make them stand out. You can even recycle them as wine stoppers and finish them off with personalised decorations.

Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration and you can now go out and wow your friends and relatives with never before seen presents. Just remember, you are only limited by your own imagination!

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