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Friday, August 17, 2012

Cool Down This Summer with Milky Way and Dove Treats

How is your summer going? Has it been a hot one for you? 

We had some really hot weather for awhile where we couldn't even get outside to go on walks or even sit but thankfully the weather has cooled down and we have even had our windows open for the last couple of days! I love that!

No matter what the weather is in the summers, I still love to eat ice cream treats! Ok...I'll admit it, I love ice cream anytime of the year!!!

Our very favorite ice cream treats this summer were the new Dove and Milky Way Ice Cream Bars from the Mars Chocolate Company.

We are huge chocolate fans so the minute we saw the words Dove and Milky Way we were sold! Then we tasted them, we almost died and went to heaven! :) They were amazing!

Our favorite was definitely the DOVEBAR® Mint Swirl Ice Cream With Dark Chocolate.

DOVE Ice Cream brings a new twist on the classic combination of chocolate and mint ice cream. The perfect ice cream for indulgence, DOVEBAR® Mint Swirl Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate blends rich, minty DOVE® Ice Cream with a ribbon of dark chocolate. The bar is then dipped in luscious chocolate coating made with silky smooth DOVE® Dark Chocolate to create the premium taste consumers love.

The chocolate just melted in my mouth like all Dove Chocolate does and I love the minty, refreshing inside with the chocolate swirled throughout! It was a perfect, refreshing combination! We ate these so fast I didn't even get to snap a picture of the box or actual bars!! :)

Mars also introduced Milky Way Chocolate Ice Cream Bars, adding one more of the company’s iconic brands to its top-selling line of ice cream bars.

Milky Way Chocolate Ice Cream Bars deliver a unique Milky Way Bar taste and they really taste like a frozen Milky Way! They start with delicious chocolate ice cream, add a layer of creamy caramel, and then cover the bar with a smooth milk chocolate coating.

To ensure that consumers have a Milky Way Brand Chocolate Ice Cream Bar for any occasion, the product is available in three convenient formats: single bars for snacking on the go, 6-packs for optimal value, and 80 calorie miniature bars, ideal for sharing or a lighter treat.

I really like the 80 calorie Milky Way ice cream bars because they tasted exactly like a Milky Way and had delicious caramel that melted in my mouth! However, I didn't have to feel guilty eating it because it only has 80 calories and it was the perfect size for fulfilling my chocolate cravings without going overboard!

Buy It: You can purchase these new Milky Way and Dove Treats from local retailers near you!

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* Thank you to Mars Chocolate North America for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*