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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Whose Photos Are You Sharing??

I'll admit it...I have a bit of a photo problem when it comes to my children! I thought maybe with my first child, that is was just a first child thing and I was just being a bit obsessed with my first baby, but I am just as bad with my new daughter! :)

I just love to chronicle every event, outfit, and smile and I love to share them with family and friends since we live far away from everyone we know!

My new favorite way to share these precious photos securely and easily is by outmywindow™, which offers me a more personal way to share my cute baby pics with my closest family and friends.

The service, outmywindow™, allows its users to upload photographs to a personal account and share them with a curated list of family and friends. Available on both the web and as an app (currently only for IOS), outmywindow™ is aimed primarily at mothers and families who want to share pictures of their children and relatives, but are wary of posting them on more public social sites. The service also includes tools that allow users to know exactly with whom they have shared images and albums.

Make sure to check out the Out My Window App on iTunes to start sharing your cute pics safely and securely with only the people you want to see them!

What kind of photos would you want to share using this new platform?

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* I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'outmywindow™.'*